Procedures and Guidelines of the Social Science Division

Attention Students: These are general guidelines only.  Please read and follow all guidelines provided in your specific course syllabus, and direct any questions you have about Division or college policies to your instructor.

Revised Winter 2019

Cheating, Stealing, & Plagiarizing

Cheating, stealing and plagiarizing (using the ideas or words of another as one’s own without crediting the source) and inappropriate/disruptive classroom behavior are violations of the Student Code of Conduct at Bellevue College.[1] Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to: talking out of turn, arriving late or leaving early without a valid reason, allowing cell phones/pagers to ring, and inappropriate behavior toward the instructor or classmates. The instructor can refer any violation of the Student Code of Conduct to the Dean of Student Services for possible probation or suspension from Bellevue College. Specific student rights, responsibilities and appeal procedures are listed in the Student Code of Conduct, available in the office of the Dean of Student Services.


If a student fails to complete all the required work for a course, an instructor may assign the grade of Incomplete (“I”). The student must complete the coursework by the end of the next quarter or receive the assigned letter grade (usually an “F”). See Policy 3000.

F Grade

Students who fail a course will receive a letter grade of “F.” See Policy 3000.

Final Examination Schedule

The Social Science Division will adhere to the final examination schedule as stated in the BC Schedule. Final examinations will be held at the end of each quarter at fixed times.  Instructors will not give examinations in advance of the regular schedule. A student who is absent from any examination held at any time during the quarter may forfeit the right to make up the examination. If, for illness or some other circumstance beyond the student’s control, the student is unable to be present at any scheduled examination and has contacted the instructor on a timely basis, the student may be permitted to take such examination at a time designated by the instructor. See Policy 3250.

Withdrawal From Class

College policy states that students must formally withdraw from a class by the end of the seventh week of the quarter – contact the Registration Office.  If a student has not withdrawn by that date, an appropriate letter grade will be assigned for the course.

Students Who Require Disability Accommodations:

Students with disabilities who have accommodation needs are encouraged to meet with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) office located in U001 (425-564-2498 or TTY 425-564-6189), to establish their eligibility for accommodation. The DRC office will provide each eligible student with an accommodation letter. Students who require accommodation in class should review the DRC accommodation letter with each instructor during the first week of the quarter.

Students with mobility challenges who may need assistance in case of an emergency situation or evacuation should register with Disability Resource Center, and review those needs with the instructor as well.

Distribution of Grades

Grades will not be posted in the Social Science Division or in faculty offices, and staff will not give out grades. Students should access their grades through the BC Web site.

Return of Papers and Tests

Paper and/or Scantron score sheet returns will be returned in the following ways ONLY:

  1. by mail, if student supplies the instructor with stamped, self-addressed envelope (with appropriate postage); or
  2. by the instructor designating a time and place whereby the student may retrieve his/her papers.

Unclaimed papers and/or Scantron score sheets must be kept by the instructor for a minimum of sixty (60) instructional days following the end of the quarter.

[1] If you are accused of cheating, stealing exams and/or plagiarism, there is a Bellevue College Student Discipline and Appeals Procedure (the right to due process) that you may pursue. See Policy 2050. Contact the office of the Division Dean (D110H), the Dean of Student Services (U104A), or the Associated Student Body (C212) for information regarding the appeals process.

Last Updated March 19, 2024