Student Central Processing Dashboard

Below are the areas within Student Central that handle a variety of student requests, applications, file reviews, and appeal processing. We update this site twice each week. Students can find detailed information about the process and requirements on the department webpage for the area that performs the work. Each area is linked back to the appropriate department.


Admission Applications

Updated May 27

We are processing summer quarter applications submitted on May 26 and fall quarter applications submitted May 24.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Updated May 26

We are processing requests submitted on the following dates:

  • Transfer Degrees: April 11
  • Professional Technical Degrees: April 11

English & Math Placement

 Updated May 26

  • We are processing requests submitted on May 19

Clear/Verify Prerequisites

 Updated May 26

  • We are processing requests submitted on May 20

Financial Aid Files

 Updated May 23 – updates on Mondays only

  • We are processing 2021-22 files completed through May 20 for students enrolled for Spring Quarter.
  • 2022-23 file processing has started.  We prioritize files completed by May 1 for students enrolled for summer or fall quarter.  Summer also requires a completed summer aid application submitted no later than June 1. 

We disburse funds on Thursdays.

Student Appeal Requests

 Updated May 17th

We are processing appeals submitted on the following dates:

  • Medical withdrawals: April 14
  • Withdrawal after the deadline: March 3
  • Academic dismissal: May 3
  • Financial aid appeal: May 20
  • Credit restriction: April 1
  • Academic renewal: February 7

Graduation and Diplomas

 Updated May 27

We awarded most Winter 2022 degrees on April 14. The remaining degrees are delayed due to outstanding paper work or late application.

Check your unofficial transcript in ctcLink for the status of your degree. 

We issued digital diplomas for all degrees awarded up to 5/26/2022. Check your BC student email to claim it. 

We mailed paper diplomas for all degrees awarded up to 1/20/2022. No paper Winter 2022 diplomas have been issued yet.

Mailing Update: Fall diplomas were mailed the week of March 14th.

Online Help Ticket System


Open enrollment periods tend to increase the number of tickets submitted, which can temporarily cause a delay in response times. Our goal is to answer tickets within two business days during peak times.

Last Updated May 27, 2022