Student Conduct Code of Bellevue College

“As members of the academic community, students are encouraged to develop the capacity for critical judgment and to engage in an independent search for truth. The freedom to learn depends upon appropriate opportunities and conditions in the classroom, on the campus, and in the larger community. Students should exercise their freedom with responsibility.” – Student Conduct Code of Bellevue College

What is the Student Conduct Code?

The Student Conduct Code of Bellevue College (WAC 132H-126) outlines the rights and responsibilities of students in the Bellevue College community.  These rights and responsibilities include due process rights, appeal routes and behavior expectations.

Report a Concern

Creating and sustaining a safe, inclusive community requires everyone’s help and commitment. We encourage students, staff and faculty to share concerns online at www.bellevuecollege.edu/reportconcerns/. Individuals can also contact the Manager of Student Conduct, Megan Kaptik, to discuss concerns.  Additional resources include the CARE TeamPublic Safety and Office of Title IX.