Student Conduct Record Checks and Disciplinary Clearance Forms

A student conduct (disciplinary) record check verifies that a current or former student has or has not violated the Student Conduct Code of Bellevue College (WAC 132H-126). Current or former Bellevue College students may request a student conduct record check for the following purposes:

  • Transfer to another institution
  • Law/medical school admission
  • Background check for employment (e.g. federal or religious institution)
  • Study abroad
  • Admission to the bar (by state)

Disciplinary Clearance Forms

A signed release is required for any information about your student conduct record to be disclosed to a third-party. The institution or agency to which you are applying typically provides a disciplinary clearance form. That form includes a privacy waiver and requires completion by a college administrator who has access to your student conduct records. The form may have different name such as a good standing form.

At Bellevue College, only a limited number of employees have access to student conduct records. The Office of Student Conduct completes disciplinary clearance forms.

The following steps outline the process for submitting and completing disciplinary clearance forms:

  1. Read the form carefully. Fill in your personal information, including signing the privacy waiver. If the form does not ask for your student ID number, then provide that information to the Office of Student Conduct.
  2. Provide the email address or fax number of the individual or office that you would like to receive the completed form. If the form is to be mailed, then provide a stamped addressed envelope.
  3. Submit the form to Student Conduct in one of the following ways:

Please Allow at least 5-7 business days to process.

If you have questions about this process, please call Megan Kaptik at 425-564-2757 or send an email to

Last Updated January 7, 2021