France Summer 2025

This is a Bellevue College faculty-led program. To begin your application, please get in touch with Prof. Li Liu at

Program Dates

end of June – early July, 2025

Onsite while in Caen, Normandy, France: 10 days early July, 2025

Application timeline

Application Due: Friday Dec 6, 2024

Final Payment Due: Friday Dec 20, 2024

How to Apply

  1. submit the application form via email to Li Liu,, or in hardcopy to R130 (main campus);
  2. once application is approved, submit payment either in the form as a check (payable to “Bellevue College / Normandy program summer 2024) to R130 (main campus) or via credit card (with 2.5% additional fee).

Program documents

  • application form:
  • info session slides:
  • Budget worksheet:

Course Information

CMST 294 Special Project – Narrative of War 2 cr.

Faculty: Bruce Wolcott, Eva Norling and Li Liu

We propose the 2 cr. Humanities Inquiry course, War-time Narrative in Normandy, with a focus on the war-time narratives in Normandy across legacy and VR media platforms. Faculty team, Bruce Wolcott (XR Lab / Communication Studies), Eva Norling (French and German) and Li Liu (Communication Studies / WCCCSA Study Abroad Coordinator) will each rely on their disciplinary focus to offer course content that concerns a wartime narrative in Normandy. The location of Normandy made the on-site, in situ learning an integral part of the learning. July of 2024 also marks the 80 year anniversary of D-day Landing. Students will be able to experience the location with events specifically planned for the celebration, which adds to the depth of learning as well.

Our focus on VR and war-time narrative shows students the intersectionality of humanities as a field of study, and expands access to new technology such as VR for our students.
After the

Program Activities at a Glance

  • full day tours to D-day landing beaches, Bayeux Tapestry, and Mont-Saint-Michel respectively;
  • Opportunities of learning about XR technology through hands-on projects.

Have a virtual tour before you go! Click on the pictures above for the corresponding 360 images. Additional 360 image can be accessed here for the Inside of the Abbey of Saint-Étienne (Abbey aux Hommes), in the city of Caen, where the program site is located. Here is another 360 image for the Caen city skyline from Normandy Museum. Built around 1060 by William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and then King of England, the ducal castle in Caen is now home to the Musée de Normandie (Normandy Museum) and the Musée des Beaux Arts (Museum of Fine Arts). These are highlights of our program itineraries, among others.

Program Fee

Based on 20 students: $1,500 per person

Program fee includes

  • cost includes daily lunch, group activities, on-campus accommodation, insurance and on-site French culture instruction.

Program fee does not include:

  • cost does not include international round-trip air fare, BC tuition, or other personal expenses.

Accommodations and Travel Pass

  • Accommodation: on-campus housing at University of Normandy Caen. The rooms are all single rooms with bathroom and toilets. Cleaning, rental of sheets, towels and dishes are included in the price. Here is a video of the rooms, you can see how they are equipped:
  • Travel pass: public transportation pass provided while at Caen, Normandy.
  • meals: daily lunch on campus at University of Normandy Caen.

Program Info Session Recording

Program Podcast

Check out of our program Podcast here:

Pictures featured above: the interior and exterior of the Church of Saint-Pierre (French: Église Saint-Pierre), a Roman Catholic church located on the Place Saint-Pierre in the centre of Caen in Normandy, northern France

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