Germany Switzerland Spring 2019

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany


To start application, please get in touch with Prof. Andy Johnson:

Program fee and itineraryGermany Switzerland Program Brochure

Instructor permission is a pre-requisites for this class. 

BUS 280 – Advanced Studies in International Business is a research class comparing U.S. business practices with their global counterparts.  This class is offered each spring. Every year we travel to a different country to conduct international business research.  Next Spring we are going to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.

The first part of the course is class focused.  We will be meeting regularly as a class to develop individual team research project proposals.  After reading your classmate’s proposals, we will then break up into research teams.

We then leave for Germany May 6, 2019.  When we get there we will be met by a local guide to show us around.  The first part of your research trip at each location is highly structured and designed to get you comfortable with the local environment.  During this time you will become more familiar with local culture and transportation systems while simultaneously working on the research projects.   You will also have some free time to work on your research projects.

The current fee is approximately $4,000 per person.  This price does not include Bellevue College tuition, but does include most expenses such as hotel, airfare, tips, transportation and most meals.  Students can sign up for the trip now to take advantage of the lower rates and installment payment plan.



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