Affinity Group Program Coordinator – *REVISED Qualifications*

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled
SALARY: $13/hr or stipend (compensation method under review)

Job Summary:

The Affinity Group Program Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination of the affinity group, monitoring the budget, coordinating programs and events, publicity, and implementing day-to-day activities.  The coordinator is responsible to the Office of Student Programs and other constituents as a representative of the Programs.  The Coordinator represents and advocates on behalf of the affinity group, promotes its culture and events, and furthers inclusion.

Available positions:

ACSA Program Mission:

Develop deep understanding of the diversity of the Arab world, its cultures, history and contemporary issues by engaging Arab and Non-Arab students in discussions aimed to develop knowledge and bridge cultural gaps through learning and community activities.


Asian Pacific Islander Program Mission:

Provide a platform for students who identify with Asian-American, Asian and Pacific Islander heritages to share their experiences. By fostering interactions and developing strong bonds, we strive to support and connect the students of our diverse campus through the celebration of our many cultures. And most importantly, we aim to raise the voices and concerns of API students in the Bellevue College community.


Increase Visibility

  • Actively promote the affinity group program through venues, such as: publicity, advertisements, and participation in BC events
  • Create and adapt programming to promote and further the mission of the affinity group. The programming should be appealing, relevant, and successful at drawing membership from all portions of the affinity group community.  It can include: speakers, special events, workshops, lectures, discussion groups, and more
  • Establish and coordinate the promotion of and publicity necessary for effective programming

Create Program Infrastructure

  • Create program resources like a newsletter, blog, email lists, and more
  • Recruit new members for the program
  • Work with the affinity group’s Advisors to assess, define, and further develop the program

Program Management

  • Develop annual budget for the Program and submit it for approval according to the guidelines established by the Student Services and Activities Fee Committee


  • Maintain a good working relationship with Advisors, Student Government, Clubs and Programs, and other agencies
  • Establish, plan and attend weekly affinity group meetings; attend monthly advisory meetings (as necessary.)
  • Act as a representative and advocate of the issues and/or concerns of the affinity group
  • Maintain a 12-15 hours/week work schedule (45 weeks)
  • Attend summer training session. No date has been set
  • Attend other required trainings such as CUSP Olympia.

Apply for a Position:

To apply for a position, you must complete the online application.



Please visit the Student Programs office in Room C212, Student Union Building, phone (425) 564-6150, or contact Nora Lance.

Last Updated January 3, 2020