ASG Representative

CLOSING DATE: until filled
SALARY: Range is $13,000-$17,000 per year (depending on position), paid via stipend biweekly

The Associated Student Government Team is seeking an Emerging Technology Representative and a Social Responsibility Representative!

Read below for information about the team and link to the application:

The Associated Student Government (ASG) Board is composed of nine paid representatives. The ASG President and Vice President are elected and the other seven are selected through an appointment process. Applications are still open for the seven representatives selected through an appointment process!

Each position has specific responsibilities outlined in the ASG By-Laws. 

The ASG Board of Directors manages the budgets for three student fees: the Services and Activities (S&A fee); the Student Environmental Sustainability Fee (SESF), and the Student Technology Fee (STF). The ASG Board also provides recognition and funding for student-led organizations, and serves as a forum for student issues and concerns.

Members of the ASG Board of Directors also have individual projects and serve on campus-wide committees. The purpose of the Associated Student Government of Bellevue College Board of Directors is to act as the voice for students at Bellevue College and ensure student participation in college issues, while being committed to building a pluralistic and diverse campus community.

It is the responsibility of the ASBC Student Government to:

·         Provide representation of student interest, needs and well-being within the college community;

·         Provide opportunities for individual leadership development and for group participation;

·         Initiate and coordinate student activities;

·         Foster collaborative and cooperative relationships among the students, faculty, staff, administration and community.

View the job descriptions for available positions:

 The Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative is responsible for ensuring technological resources are updated and available for BC student’s success and for assisting students who wish to pursue entrepreneurial enterprises while on campus. 

 Responsible for maintaining open communication between the Associated Student Government and student clubs and programs. The ASG Event Representative develops and supports the social, educational and cultural enrichment of the student body. They work closely with ASG leaders to develop college-wide events (i.e., Dr. King Celebration, Disability Awareness Day) as needed. 

 The Legislative Affairs Representative works collaboratively with the Bellevue College administration, the Washington Student Association, the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges Student Association (WACTCSA), and state/federal government representatives to represent students on student legislative issues. The ASG Legislative Affairs Representative interprets and upholds the ASBC Constitution and the ASBC Bylaws and the additional policies that pertain to ASG. Primary responsibility being to maintain order within an organization at all times and enforce the rules. During the meetings, it is the responsibility of this person to make certain parliamentary procedures are adhered to. 

 The ASG President is responsible for the leadership and guidance of the ASG. The ASG president is responsible for working within the guidelines as set forth in the ASG Constitution and By-Laws, and for representing the best interest and needs of the Bellevue College student body, working collaboratively with the staff, faculty, administrators, board of trustees, and constituents around the state to advocate on behalf of students. 

 The ASG Public Relations officer is responsible for the production of ASG publications, with the goal of promoting ASG and ASG related activities within the college community. Responsible for marketing Associated Student Governments events, activities, goals, and projects. 

 The ASG Secretary of the ASBC Board of Directors, is responsible for meeting minutes and notes for general assembly and executive meetings. 

 The ASG Social Responsibility Representative is responsible for environmental and social stewardship. They collaborate with students, college, and community organizations to facilitate a more socially responsible world. 

 The ASG Treasurer is responsible for having a working knowledge of all ASG assigned budget accounts and handling procedures. They serve as student steward of the ASG budget. They meet with groups to discuss funding options, help students fill out the funding request forms, and ensure the student government operates from a healthy financial position throughout the academic year. 

 The ASG Vice President is responsible for assisting and/or performing the duties of the ASG President in their absence. They aide the President in ensuring projects are completed and moving forward. 

Questions about the process or need to know more?

Please contact Amy McCrory.

Last Updated June 17, 2021