Project Plan forms are online

Are you familiar with the Project Plan? This form is needed to propose any event or travel involving student clubs, programs, and use of college resources.

When you submit the online Project Plan with your proposal, the form will first route to your Advisor for their agreement that you are submitting the proposal. Once Advisor approval has been received, the form is routed to Student Programs for our approval. We determine availability of college resources and — if you are using student funds — ensure the project serves student needs.

Please note that submitting a project plan does not guarantee that an event can take place. With over 140 clubs and programs and competition for limited campus resources (including limited classroom space), rooms are not always available.

You may receive a request to modify your proposal, or to change the date or to collaborate with another group in order to keep your desired date.

Find the project plan in our Forms Library.

Last Updated July 5, 2017