Budgets & Funds

Three budgets are funded through Services & Activities (S&A) fees and primarily support students:

  • Club Budget: Supports clubs and funds event promotion. Clubs that participate in the quarterly Club Caucus receive a credit for $50 against this budget to use for their advertising costs.
  • Cultural Account: Supports diversity and cultural groups and activities, such as the annual International Night.
  • Reserve Account: Available for larger projects.

Two funds are available for anyone with a relevant need:

  • “Sustainability” – The Student Environmental Sustainability Fund: The SESF is established by a quarterly tuition fee and is overseen by the ASG Sustainability representative. This fund supports sustainable projects to help create a campus that is environmentally responsible. If you are a student or member of the campus community, you are welcome to request funding. To read more about SESF, visit the Sustainability Website.
  • “Technology” – The Student Technology Fund: The STF is established by a quarterly technology fee and is overseen by the ASG Technology Representative. The fund supports new technology on campus. If you have a need for a technology purchase that will benefit students, you can request funding. For more information and to fill out a funding request form, visit the ASG Website.

Last Updated May 7, 2018