Funding & Travel

Looking for money or resources for your project? Come here for help.

If you have questions that are not answered here, visit us in Room C212.

Getting Funding for a Project

There are two major funding options for your event or project:

  • Fundraising by your club.  When you actively raise funds, you are more likely to receive additional help from student government. Raise funds through auctions, donations, dues, charging admission to performances, bake sales, and more.
  • Requesting S&A Funding:  S&A is shorthand for “Services and Activities Fees,” a fund based on fees that come out of every student’s tuition for the purpose of supporting student initiatives. You make your funding request to student government (ASG). Visit Submit a Funding Request in our Student Organizations section.

Making Purchases

There are state requirements regarding purchases for club and program activities! Learn about them on our Making Purchases page.

If you are considering any kind of rental, you’ll need to discuss this with us first. Rentals are subject to liabilities and risks, and we need to ensure that risks are managed appropriately. Visit us in Funding & Travel.


Learn about travel procedures for off-campus events and conferences on the Travel Requirements page.

Last Updated May 7, 2018