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Associated Student Government of Bellevue College

C212, 2nd floor, Student Union Building, (425)564- 6150

All registered students automatically become members of the Associated Students of Bellevue College (ASBC). A student-elected Board of Directors represents the student body through campus-wide involvement and policy-making.

Associated Student Government (ASG) officers are elected in general elections held Spring Quarter. For the exact date of elections, officers’ job descriptions, to apply for a student government position, or to learn more about student governance, activities, or clubs on campus, stop by the Student Programs office, C212, Student Union Building.

As a member of the college community, you are encouraged to participate in college governance and are free, individually and collectively, to express your views on college policy and on matters of general interest to the ASBC. ASG holds weekly public board meetings that are open to all students. To find out meeting times, come to C212.

ASG directory

President (425) 564-2295
Vice President of Equity and Pluralism 425) 564-2332
Vice President of Finance and Communications (425) 564-2269
Clubs and Programs Representative (425) 564-2490
Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative (425) 564-2337
Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative (425) 564-5089
Marketing and Public Relations Representative (425) 564-2141
ASBC (ASG) Judicial Board
Chief Justice (425) 564-2339
Associate Justice of Internal Affairs (425) 564-2143
Associate Justice of External Affairs (425) 564-2142
ASBC (ASG) Legislative Committee
OSLA Director (425) 564-6046
OSLA Associate Director (425) 564-6046
OSLA Volunteer and Community Organizer (425) 564-6046
OSLA Events & Civic Coordinator (425) 564-6046
Communications & Marketing Coordinator (425) 564-6046 ASGMARK@BC.ctc.ed
(OSLA = Office of Student Legislative Affairs)

ASBC (ASG) Board of Directors

ASG officer picture Name: Takhmina Dzhuraeva
Position: President
Phone: (425) 564-2295
Hello, Bellevue College

My name is Takhmina Dzhuraeva and I am honored to serve you as your Student Government President. I have been involved in the student government here at Bellevue College for the last two years, so I can assure you of my extensive knowledge and understanding of what the student government can do for you, and what it takes to have a successful year. I will be leading a team of eleven wonderful individuals that will lobby the hallways of faculty, staff, and legislators to insure that students’ voices are heard and addressed. We embark with our exciting victory of placing a student on the Board of Trustees and I am excited and look forward to new opportunities and victories that await us.

Most importantly I am here to fight for FREE education, improve and prove its value to legislators on a local, state, and national level. However, I will not be able to do any of this if I do not have your support and inspiration. Please feel free to stop by the second floor of the cafeteria and allow me to give you a tour of the most engaging, inspirational and successful Student Programs on campus.
ASG officer picture Name: Michael Yoon
Position: Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism
Phone: (425) 564-2332
My name is Michael Yoon and I am honored to serve you as the ASG VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism. In 2011, I served as the president of Business Leadership Club and Fashion Club where I worked collaboratively with students, staff, and faculty on a variety of projects, including the Boeing Company Panel, Alumni Night, Cultural Potluck, and the eco-fashion show.

My goal this year is to start a Global Citizens Committee where students can come together, share their cultures, and fight together for a globally just world where their voices are equally heard. What inspires me to live each day is this human ability to connect with others and change the injustices of our society and of the world we live in. What I have to offer is my dedication to social justice, my creativity, innovation, and my compassion to listen, connect, learn and serve you!
ASG officer picture Name: Dustin Boehlke
Position: Vice President of Finance and Communication
Phone: (425) 564-2269
My name is Dustin Boehlke, I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and this year I am serving as your Bellevue College Associated Student Government Vice President of Finance and Communication. This year I plan on assisting student government through active and innovative leadership. I will be in charge of creating a communication plan that will focus on reaching students and bringing them closer to their student government. I will also be chairing the Student Services and Activities Committee which will be allocating over $2,000,000 to clubs and programs here at Bellevue College. In addition, it is my responsibility to help clubs and programs with their budget appropriations and expenditures, and assist them in receiving funds from their student government. Most importantly I am here to serve you the students and be your voice
ASG officer picture Name: Kevin Tu
Position: Chief Justice
Phone: (425) 564-2339
I am truly honored to serve as the Chief Justice of the Associated Student Government for the 2012-2013 year. As the administrator of the Judicial Board it is my responsibility to ensure that the Constitution, By-Laws, Financial Code, and the Code of Ethics is strictly adhered to and followed. As the Chief Justices I will have the duties to oversee the Traffic Citation Review Committee, or better known as Traffic Court.

The Judicial Board is committed to serving students, and as such will be available to all students. I am more than happy to assist you in any way that I can.
ASG officer picture Name: Asami Bandai
Position: Associate Justice of Internal Affairs
Phone: (425) 564-2143
My name is Asami Bandai and I am honored to serve you as an Associate Justice for 2012-2013. My goal is to act as a student voice during committee meetings and make sure student rights are respected.

I am part of the Judicial Board whose main duty is to interpret and uphold the ASBC Constitution and By-Laws with respect to the ASBC elections, and BC hiring committees and appointments.

As a member of the Judicial Board, I serve on the Bellevue College Traffic Court, which means I assist in overseeing all the appeals concerning traffic citations at the college. I promise to be a neutral party and consider cases fairly based on the ASBC Constitution and By-Laws before submitting my opinion to the Chief Justice.

As an Associate Justice, it is also my responsibility to compile, organize and maintain the official ASG Executive Board, ASG Board of Directors, and ASG Judicial Board records.

What I bring to the office is my compassion to listen, learn and serve you, and my dedication to students rights. Come to the Student Programs and share your thoughts and ideas!
ASG officer picture Name: Sean Juel
Position: Associate Justice of External Affairs
Phone: (425) 564-2142
Hello Students of Bellevue College!
My name is Sean Juel, one of your associate justices for the 2012-2013 year. It is my responsibility to interpret the ASBC Constitution, By-Laws, and Financial Code. I am also in charge of chartering and re-charting the Clubs of Bellevue College. I will assist in overseeing all the appeals concerning traffic citations at the college along with the rest of the Judicial Board on the Bellevue College Traffic Court. If you have received a parking ticket here on campus and wish to appeal it, you can come to Traffic Court and explain what happened and why. I promise to consider each case fairly before submitting my opinion to the Chief Justice.
As part of your Student Government it is also my responsibility to represent the students of Bellevue College. If you have any concerns I invite you to come talk to me and I will do the best I can to help you.
ASG officer picture Name: Keturah Anderson
Position: Campus Life and Events Representative
Phone: (425) 564-2490
Hello Bellevue College!
My name is Keturah Anderson and I am currently your Campus Life and Events Representative. I am responsible for implementing the overall success of the Bellevue College student clubs and programs, especially in respect to the creation and management of events. My goal is to help students cross the bridge between student apathy to student activism on campus. As the liaison between clubs, programs, and the students, my primary goal is to encourage students to want to become more involved on campus through all the resources Bellevue College has to offer. I am also all about the excitement and fun at Bellevue College to make the campus a more comfortable place to be. Student life should be more interactive with campus life! I have great compassion for the students here at Bellevue College and strive to be a positive support to all students at Bellevue College.
ASG officer picture Name: Mackenzie Williamson
Position: Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative
Phone: (425) 564-5089
My name is Mackenzie Williamson and I am your 2012-2013 Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative. I am responsible for keeping students informed about important social and environmental problems, and making decisions to use BC’s sustainability funds in the best possible way.

My goal for this year is to expand on the sustainability efforts on campus, increase interest among students and staff, and create a prestigious reputation among the environmental activist committee. I hope to instill an eco-consciousness in the students of Bellevue College so that they can go on to be well informed citizens of the community. Several large projects I hope to complete this year include: expansion of the community garden, creating healthy food options for students, implementing alternative energy on campus, and organizing events that will teach students to live sustainably.

My compassion for the environment stems from a personal passion of backpacking, skiing, and almost anything else outside! Sharing my love for nature will help other students to understand what we’re protecting when we make sustainable decisions. Working together with the Student Environment and Sustainability Fee (SESF) committee, the sustainability office on campus, students, and faculty, we will make instrumental positive changes for the BC community!
ASG officer picture Name: Heidi Yota
Position: Marketing and Public Relations Representative
Phone: (425) 564-2141
Hello, Bellevue College

My name is Heidi Yota and it is truly an honor to serve you as your 2012-2013 Associated Student Government (ASG) Marketing and Public Relations Representative. I am going to be mainly responsible for ASG’s transparency, marketing of events, activities, goals, and projects. And also assist with public relations while working closely with the BC Public Information Officer. I am responsible for the overall ASG external communication, but, I would be more than happy to assist you in anyway possible.

Please keep in mind that we are here TO SERVE YOU and that you should not hesitate to ask the ASG for help on any matter or issues as they will be responded promptly and professionally.

I would also like to remind you that you are always welcomed at the Student Programs office to bring great, positive ideas to life and I encourage you to be involved in all of our wonderful campus activities!
ASG officer picture Name: Vannarith Khov
Position: Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative
Phone: (425) 564-2337
Hi my name is Vannarith Khov and it is truly my honor to serve you as the Emerging and Entrepreneurial Representative for 2012 to 2013 academic year. I will be working collaboratively with Computing Services Director, and Dean of Information Resources to bring new innovative technology to campus. I am also interested in improving the design of this ASG website.

I am an open-minded person, so also feel free to introduce yourself.
Thank you.