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Emergency Response
Evacuation of Buildings
First Aid/ Medical Emergencies
Acts of Violence
Hazardous Substances
Campus Closures

If you hear a fire alarm, evacuate immediately.
If you see or suspect a fire and no alarm is sounding yet, then

  1. Call Public Safety at ext. 2400 (564-2400 from a main campus public pay phone; it will be a free call). State that there is a fire and describe:
    • your location, including the building letter and room number,
    • the campus phone number from which you are calling,
    • the exact location of the fire,
    • the extent of the fire (small, large, etc.) and type of fire if you can identify it (wastepaper basket, electrical, chemical, etc.).
  2. Public Safety will call the Fire Department. A Security officer will arrive at the scene as soon as possible.
  3. If you are on the Main Campus, pull a manual fire alarm. See the emergency map for the nearest alarm box.
  4. You may attempt to extinguish the fire yourself if you know how to do so (however, it is more important to avoid injuring yourself or others). See the emergency map for the closest fire extinguisher.
  5. Evacuate the area.
  6. If you are in doubt or are unable to reach Public Safety, call 911 from a main campus pay phone (as a free call) or 911 from a campus phone.