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Excerpt from Policy

Bellevue College utilizes a consistent, published letter grading system to reflect the student's achievements. For students who do not wish to take a course for a letter grade, an optional Pass/Fail grading system is available, as is the option to audit a course. The student is responsible for initiating the removal of an incomplete grade or for correcting a grade he or she believes is incorrect. Students who have received a "D" or "F" in a course have the right, under certain circumstances, to repeat the course.

Grade Definitions and Points:

          A indicates "Outstanding" Achievement

A = 4.0 points per credit hour
A- = 3.7 points per credit hour

B indicates "High" Achievement

B+ = 3.3 points per credit hour
B = 3.0 points per credit hour
B- = 2.7 points per credit hour

C indicates "Satisfactory" Achievement

C+ = 2.3 points per credit hour
C = 2.0 points per credit hour
C- = 1.7 points per credit hour

D indicates "Poor" Achievement

D+ = 1.3 points per credit hour
D = 1.0 point per credit hour

F indicates "Unsatisfactory" Achievement

F = 0 points per credit hour

Other Grades:

  • P = "Passing," with no points calculated. A "P" grade is issued in two separate instances: for those courses institutionally recognized as using the "P" grade, and for courses graded using "A" through "F" in which a student elects to be evaluated "pass/fail". In the latter instance students must declare intention for a "P/F" grade within the first 10 days of the quarter by filing the request in the Student Service Center. When the student fails to receive a grade of "A" through "D", a grade of "F" will be assigned and calculated into the grade-point average.
  • CR/NC = "Credit/Non-Credit," a grade granted for specific courses as determined by the college. No points are calculated into the grade-point average.
  • W = "Official Withdrawal." Withdrawals are accepted and recorded on different schedules during the academic year and during Summer Quarter.
  • HW = "Hardship Withdrawal," indicating a withdrawal request made because of extenuating circumstances after the official withdrawal period is over. This is a grade posted by the instructor. Students request this through the faculty or the faculty member may initiate the contact. No points are calculated into the grade-point average.
  • N = "Audit," not counted for credit or grade-point average. A student must declare intention to audit a course within the first ten days of a quarter by filing the request in the Registration Office.
  • Y = "Course in Progress," indicating a course which, by authorization of the executive dean of educational services, officially continues beyond the terminal date of the present quarter. Normally, the course is completed and graded on or before the termination of the subsequent quarter.
  • I = "Incomplete." No points are calculated for this grade. An "I" grade indicates that the student has not completed specific prescribed requirements for a course, usually for unforeseen reasons beyond the student's control. The student is responsible for requesting the assignment of an "I" grade. Granting the request and assigning the "I" grade is the prerogative of the instructor. The work for the course must be completed before the end of the next quarter (by the end of the following Fall term if the "I" is given in the Spring term), and an extension can be granted only with the instructor's approval. If the student fails to complete the designated assignment(s), an "F" grade will be posted.

Removal of an Incomplete Grade - After the student completes the course requirements, resolving the deficiencies outlined on the contractual form within the negotiated time limit, the instructor is responsible for submitting the change to the Records Office.

Correcting a Grade - If a student wishes to contest the accuracy of a grade, it is important to consult with the instructor involved immediately. See Complaint Policy.
After one year, grades are not changed except for extraordinary reasons.

Repeating a Course - Students who have received a grade of "D" or "F" in a course or students who have failed to achieve a designated grade as a prerequisite may repeat a course up to two times. Other students seeking to repeat courses must request approval, including a rationale, through the college's appeal process. All grades appear on the academic transcript. In order for the highest grade to be calculated into BCC's grade point average, the student must complete a repeated class request form at the Student Service Center. This request will result in the lowest graded course(s) having a grade identifier of "R" posted next to the grade(s) in the permanent transcript. BCC's grade point average will exclude any course that has a repeat grade identifier. Students should be aware that other colleges and universities may include repeated course grades in their eligibility for admission or graduation. "Z" and "W" grades are not included in the repeat policy.

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