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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance imageContact Information
Office Location: Public Safety, K 100
Phone: (425) 564-2400
Program Website:

Program Description
Contact Public Safety if you need any kind of emergency assistance, for example, to report a fire, a medical or first-aid emergency, or a crime on campus (such as car prowl, collision, or hit-and-run). Public Safety is also the “first responder” for serious violations of the Student Code. You can dial 564-2400 or 911 as a cost-free call from any public pay phone on campus. If you dial 564-2400 first, you will be in direct contact with Public Safety staff, who are available on a 24/7 basis. Public Safety will coordinate with other local aid providers as necessary.

Evacuation routes and emergency response instructions are posted in classrooms, meeting rooms, and other public spaces. In a building- or campus-wide emergency such as a fire or earthquake, follow the directions given by college administrators and faculty about taking cover or evacuating from the buildings.

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