How Your Fees are Spent

Services & Activities Fees Funding Process 2021-2022


The Service and Activities (S&A) Fee Application process allows the Bellevue College community the opportunity to apply for funding of extracurricular and co-curricular campus experiences. The following information will provide you with greater details on eligibility, process and application steps.

ASG Board of Directors Special Meeting
The ASG Board of Directors held a Special Meeting on Friday, April 30, at 4:00 p.m. for review and vote on the 21-22 S&A Committee’s Recommended S&A Budget. The budget was approved by the ASG BOD and the President’s Cabinet and will be presented to the Board of Trustees at their May meeting.

S&A Committee Meetings

General Information
Application Materials
Documents to Review
Completed Documents Submission Link

Who is Eligible to Apply for S&A funding?

ASG has expanded who can apply for S&A funding this year. Any BC student organization or BC office or staff can seek funds for co-curricular and extracurricular activities for BC students. The process in no longer simply open to groups that were designated “student programs”.

What is a “BC Student Organization”?

ASG defines a “student organization” as:

“A Student Organization is student-led and student-driven. Students set the agenda for what the group will do, manage the group’s events and activities, run their own officer elections and set the goals for themselves. Becoming a Chartered Student Organization means that a student organization is officially recognized by the College and has access to support and College resources. The student org’s advisor and the Office of Student Engagement support student organizations through a student-development-centered approach that fosters learning and personal growth for involved students. To be an official student organization at BC, student organizations must charter through ASG and the Office of Student Engagement. Student organizations at Bellevue College do not have paid faculty or staff advisors, and student leadership positions are also voluntary. Student organizations are different from other groups on campus which may have a staff or faculty member who oversees the group and who may set expectations for students participating. Other groups may have student leaders, but they are not considered student organizations at BC.”


The S&A committee’s mission is to review requests and make a budget recommendation to the college and the Bellevue College Board of Trustees for annual approval. Last year, the S&A committee allocated over 2.7 million dollars of funding for 3.5 million dollars in application asks.

The S&A Committee is made up of seven voting members:

  •             The ASG President and Treasurer
  •             2 Students at large
  •             1 Classified staff member
  •             1 Exempt staff member
  •             1 Faculty member

The committee is advised by the Executive Director of Finance and the Director of Student Programs. They will attend meetings and provide advice/ clarifications/ information for the committee. However, the Executive Director of Finance and the Director of Student Programs are not voting members.

The committee will meet for trainings, determination of committee’s funding priorities, review of applications and appeals.

Nominations and volunteers will be sought for student, staff and faculty committee members. If you wish to volunteer or nominate an individual, please contact Carrie Moore, Director of Student Programs, by March 12, 2021. ASG will select the student members of the committee. ASG and President’s Cabinet will collaboratively review and select the three staff/ faculty committee members.


21-22 S&A Training Document
S&A Info Session and Training (for Student Organizations):
 Wednesday, March 17, 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. (Session will be recorded)
S&A Info Session and Training 1 (Open to all of Campus Community): Wednesday, March 17, 3:30-4:30 p.m. (Session will be recorded)
S&A Info Session and Training 2 (Open to all of Campus Community): Thursday, March 18,  11 a.m.-12 p.m. (Session will be recorded)

Application Materials

Applicants should submit (upload) the following:

  1. S&A Funding Request Acknowledgement Document (Word Document) (Required)
  2. 2021-22 S&A Funding Request Summary (Excel Document) (Required)
  3. Additional Information – If applicant wishes to share additional information, additional documents can be uploaded. Please be aware that the committee will review additional documentation if necessary but there is no guarantee that documents will be reviewed. Any additional documents should only be provided to document your funding request. (Optional)

Document 1 and 2 are found on this website.

Application material should be uploaded by 5 PM March 22.

Are there other criteria for being eligible for S&A Funds?

There are many criteria for a request being eligible for S&A funds. The following are not exhaustive list but provide basic guidance:

  • Funds are for co-curricular and extracurricular purposes. Co-curricular activity is defined in the ASG Financial Code as:

“Any student activity which may offer an enriched academic experience that may complement credit course offerings, and is open to all BC students. BC Students do not receive academic credits for participating in these activities. Students may earn extra credit at faculty discretion, but participation is open to all students.”

Extracurricular activity is defined in the ASG Financial Code as:

“Any student activity which is available to any BC student, AND for which a student is not required to enroll in a course in order to participate. Students do not receive academic credits for participating in these activities. Students may earn extra credit at faculty discretion, but participation is open to all students.”

  • Funds are for the benefit of BC students.
  • Funds can be used to cover yearly costs, startup costs and one-time asks (a specific event or equipment ask).
  • Funds are not to be used for activities that are curricular in nature. The ASG Financial Code defines curricular activity as:

“A curricular activity is an activity that is assigned as part of a course of curriculum and is restricted to students who are enrolled in a particular class or program of study. Students earn academic credit for these activities. As defined in Services and Activities (S+A) Fee Use – Compliance and Guidance Document: “S&A funds are not curricular in nature. They are for co-curricular or extracurricular involvement (Killian, pg 2). A class cannot be required for an experience that is funded by S&A and S&A funds cannot be used for curriculum needs.”

  • S&A funds should not be used for items that could be “considered part of the fundamental educational objective of, and basic services provided by the college.” (Killian, pg 5). If a service is viewed as a basic operational service of the college or department, the item should not be funded through the S&A process.
  • S&A fund use should be proportional to the extracurricular or co-curricular use. An example of proportional funding would be the funding of a renovation project where the space is used for both institutional and student extracurricular/co-curricular uses. If funds were being spent to upgrade the space, the percentage of the total project cost funded by S&A funds should not exceed the percentage of time that the extracurricular/co-curricular events use the space.
  • When S&A funds are used as “seed money” (i.e. money used to start a new program that complies with S&A funds use), all resulting revenues from the event/service are considered to have been co-mingled with state funds and therefore fall under college and state spending restrictions pertaining to public funds. (Killian, pg. 6).
  • S&A funds may only be used as specified by the approved funding request. If funds are not used during the approved funding window, the funds will be returned. Unused funds do not roll over into the subsequent fiscal year unless approved by the S&A committee.
  • S&A funds cannot be spent on outreach or recruitment activities to non-students (Killian, pg. 6).
  • S&A funds can be used for student employment if the employment meets all other criteria guiding S&A fund use.
  • S&A Funds must be used for what they were requested and approved for.

Key Notes:

  • Even if funding requests meet appropriate standards for S&A eligibility, the committee may not be able to fund all requests due to the committee’s priorities, amount collected through enrollment, and total demand for S&A funds.
  • S&A funding is not guaranteed from year to year.
  • Rollover of funds are not guaranteed as those funds were approved in the previous budget cycle. Applicants can request rollover of funds but approval is at committee’s discretion.

Those seeking to apply for funding should review the following documents:

  • Services and Activities (S+A) Fee Use – Compliance and Guidance Document
  • ASG Financial Code
  • Killian Document (October 2018 Revision)
  • Campus policies and procedures
  • RCW 28B.15 –
    • Specific sections – .041, .043, .044, .045

Questions Related to the Compliance and S&A Use:

If one has a question regarding compliance or use of S&A funds, please contact the Office of Student Programs Director, Carrie Moore or the Finance Office.

I read something about an “Office of Student Engagement.” What is that?

In the near future, the Office of Student Programs will be changing its name to the Office of Student Engagement. The change will better reflect the mission of the office and its goal to focus on the involvement and leadership experiences for BC students. More details and timeline for the change will be shared to campus in the future.

General Questions?

Please contact ASG president, or Carrie Moore, Director of Student Programs,

2021-22 S&A Funding Application Process Timeline

February 26Notification to campus community indicating S&A application and materials are posted on S&A website.
February 26Invitations for volunteers and nominations to serve on S&A Committee sent out to campus community.
March 3S&A Process training information available on-line. Notification of training information will be sent out the week of March 1st.
March 12Deadline to volunteer or nominate individuals for S&A Committee
March 16S&A Committee members finalized.
March 18-19S&A Committee training (Time TBD)
March 22March 23 (Deadline extended)S&A Application due by 5pm.midnight. Materials should be uploaded on S&A website. Applicants will need to upload:

  1. S&A Funding Request Acknowledgement Document 2021-22

  2. 2021-22 S&A Funding Request Summary

  3. Additional information that applicant feels might be relevant (not required)

March 22-23Winter Quarter Finals
March 24S&A application materials available for committee members
March 24-April 7Individual committee members review of application materials
March 26-April 7Spring Break
April 8 -16Committee review of applications (Times TBD)
April 12If committee has concerns regarding application compliance, feedback and questions will be sent to applicants by April 12th. Applicant can review and determine if they wish to revise application.
April 19Funding decisions sent out to applicants. Appeal process information sent with decisions.
April 21Appeals submission deadline by 5pm/ Sign up for Appeal hearing by 5 PM.
April 22-23Appeal hearings
April 26Appeal decisions sent out.
April 27-30ASG votes on S&A recommendation and sends recommendation to President’s Cabinet
May 4President Cabinet Review
May 10S&A paperwork sent to Board of Trustees
May 191st read of S&A budget recommendation at Board of Trustee Meeting
June 162nd read of S&A budget recommendation at Board of Trustee Meeting


Completed Documents Submission Link

S&A Process and Documents 2021-2022

Services & Activities Fee Funding Allocations

PROGRAM ($) 2020-21 Allocated($) 2020-21 Requested($) 2019-20 Allocated
Associated Student Government (ASG)150,778150,778306,056
Office of Student Legislative Affairs0-37,75314,044
Campus Activities Board (CAB)353,735388,735304,976
Cultural Activities Fund60,00060,0005,9571
Student Programs Support456,952456,952415,173
BAS Data Analytics000
Phi-Theta-Kappa Honor Society04,6400
General Club Activities Fund47,00047,00044,100
Radiation and Imaging (BAS)-4,3590-19,902
International Student Association20,90122,55114,809
LGBTQ Resource Center14,00014,00014,000
Student Business Center238,295238,295139,151
Black Student Union (BSU)36,29344,79317,394
Student Sustainability Association03,0003,000
El Centro Latino34,47656,47628,344
Business Leadership Community (BLC)42,96162,61741,142
Multicultural Services39,01763,24241,291
RISE Learning Institute (Makerspace)30,47033,70531,000
Intercollegiate Rentals12,00012,00012,000
Leadership Development Stipends-13,544014,200
Student Life Website and Technology92,52192,52169,450
BC Association of Veterans (BCAV)5,2505,2505,250
Library Gallery Space026,20017,500
Speech & Debate Society-4,52100
Intercollegiate Tourney Travel20,00020,00020,000
Disability ResourceCenter3,0003,000-41,000
Math Lab80,000114,30074,160
Telos Student Organization (TSO)00
BC Student Handbook000
Vocal and Choral Music Activities0133,00081,000
Digital Media Design000
Academic Success Center175,000190,548148,320
Watchdog Student Newspaper122,500130,00075,500
KBCS Radio Station040,00032,000
Drama Productions025,00023,000
Instrumental Music Activities098,50042,230
BC Dance Productions04,4003,000
Belletrist Literary Journal03,8015,261
Center for Career Connections40,99758,90052,250
Stagefright Drama Club14,00014,00013,000
Career Center Internships024,50019,800
Asian-Pacific Islanders Student Association (APISA)30,00037,39319,186
Arabic Culture Student Association000
Civil Rights Pilgrimage015,00015,000
BC Info-syatems and Technology Student Association-4,89800
HSEWI BAS1,65011,9040
Intercollegiate Athletics75,00075,00075,000
Women’s Golf9,0009,0008,800
Men’s Basketball12,00012,00011,400
Men’s Baseball15,00015,00012,000
Men’s Golf9,0009,0008,800
Women’s Basketball12,00012,00011,400
Women’s Volleyball11,00011,00010,330
Women’s Softball13,00013,00012,000
Men’s Soccer14,00014,00012,000
Student Travel Coordinator89,08289,08282,590
Wellness Center41,00041,00033,000
Women’s Soccer14,00014,00012,000
Women’s Tennis6,5006,5005,800
Men’s Tennis6,5006,5005,800
Student Volunteer Center50,39950,39960,000
Leadership Institute0020,500
Student Childcare Center283,250283,250283,250
Interior Desigh Student Association04,40013,021
Student Programs Signature Events22,35022,3509,650
American Sign Language-7,45800
BC Cheer Squad13,50013,50014,500
Model United Nations032,81018,500
Nursing Student Assocuation13,18013,18011,000
TOTAL ALLOCATIONS2,876,7773,522,7292,898,097
Student Programs Reserve-112,516
Student Programs Capital Construction Fund050,00050,000
Associated Student Government Reserve0127,650127,650
One-time Grants050,0000
PROGRAM($) 2019 Allocated($) 2019 Requested($) 2018 Allocated
Student Legislative Committee14,04414,04425,786
Campus Activities Board304,976324,976135,000
Cultural Activities Fund59,57173,50013,000
Student Programs Support415,173415,173395,000
BAS Data Analytics
Phi Theta Kappa011,0170
ASBCC Club Contingency44,10057,50015,000
Radiation and Imaging (BAS)-19,9020-20,000
International Student Association14,80914,80913,000
LGBTQ Center14,00014,00014,000
Student Business Center139,151146,651100,000
Black Student Union17,39435,39414,000
Student Science Association3,0003,0000
El Centro Latino28,34441,94414,000
Business Leadership Community41,14247,00047,000
MCS Cultural Fund41,29142,24528,500
RISE Learning Institute (Makerspace)31,00031,00025,725
Intercollegiate Rentals12,00012,00012,000
Leadership Development Stipends14,20014,20013,200
Student Programs Website & Technology69,45081,03069,450
BC Veterans5,2505,2505,500
Gallery Space17,50025,50310,750
Speech & Debate Society01000010000
Intercollegiate Tourney travel20,00020,00020,000
Disability Resource Center-41,00007,000
Math Lab74,16091,65072,000
TELOS (Self-funded)
BC Student Handbook00-13,000
Vocal and Choral Music Activities81,000135,00078,000
Digital Media Design00-9,000
Academic Success Center148,320199,923144,000
The Watchdog75,50075,50075,500
Radio Station KBCS32,00032,00032,000
Drama Productions23,00025,00023,000
Instrumental Music Activities42,23090,50041,000
BC Dance Production3,0004,0003,000
Belletrist Literary Journal5,2619,5874,577
Center for Career Connections52,25057,25053,500
Stagefright Drama13,00014,00013,000
Career Center Internships19,80023,00019,800
Asian Pacific Islander Student Association19,18619,18614,000
Arabic Culture Student Association0014,000
Civil Rights Pilgrimage15,00015,0009,000
BC Info Systems & Technology Association001,000
Healthcare Technology & Management (HCTM)05,316-5,000
Intercollegiate Athletics75,00075,00075,000
Women’s Golf8,8009,5008,500
Men’s Basketball11,40012,00011,000
Men’s Baseball12,00013,00011,000
Men’s Golf8,8009,5008,500
Women’s Basketball11,40012,00011,000
Women’s Volleyball10,33012,00010,000
Women’s Softball12,00013,00011,000
Men’s Soccer12,00013,00011,000
Student Travel Coord.82,59082,59079,196
Wellness Center33,00033,00033,000
Women’s Soccer12,00013,00011,000
Women’s Tennis5,8006,5005,500
Men’s Tennis5,8006,5005,500
Student Volunteer Center60,000107,33160,000
Leadership Institute20,50020,50077,000
Student Childcare Center283,250300,000275,000
Interior Design Student Association13,02116,0217,000
Open House9,6509,65010,000
American Sign Language004,500
Cheer Squad14,50014,50014,500
Model United Nations18,50037,03033,000
Nursing Student Association11,00013,00013,000
Reserve Budgets
Student Programs Capital Construction50,00050,00050,000
ASG Reserve127,6501276,50127,650
One-time Grants050,00050,000
GRAND TOTAL ALLOCATION3,075,7472,805,663
Program($) Allocated 2018($) Requested 2018($) Allocated 2017($) Requested 2017
Academic Success Center144,000141,614133,158133,158
Model United Nations33,00037,01233,00037,012
American Sign Language4,5004,5004,5004,500
Arabic Culture Student Association14,00014,00014,00039,500
ASBCC Club Contingency15,00015,00015,00015,000
Asian Pacific Islanders Student Association14,00014,00014,00022,494
Associated Student Government (ASG)175,529210,786165,958158,281
Alumni Outreach(17,785)*01,0001,000
BC Ambassadors33,00092,15630,00060,037
Information Systems & Technology Association1,0004,0003,0003,000
Student Handbook(13,000)*14,00022,00022,000
Belletrist Literary Journal4,5774,5775,4945,494
Black Student Union14,00020,00014,00017,915
Business Leadership Club47,00061,13057,50065,311
Campus Activities Board135,000151,025129,000159,722
Career Center Internship33,00033,00033,00036,000
Center for Career Connections53,50053,50053,50053,500
Cheer Squad14,50014,50014,50022,050
Civil Rights Pilgrimage9,00020,0509,00012,000
Cultural Activities Fund13,00013,00013,00013,000
Digital Media Design(9,000)*04,5004,500
Disability Resource Center7,00027,00027,00027,000
Drama Productions23,00023,00022,50024,540
Eastside Dance Production3,0007,00010,00010,000
El Centro Latino14,00021,59414,00014,747
Healthcare Technology & Management(5,000)*04,5004,500
Intercollegiate Athletics75,00075,00070,000110,000
Intercollegiate Rentals12,00012,00012,00015,000
Intercollegiate Tourney Travel20,00020,00018,00020,000
Interior Design Student Association7,00012,10012,00012,000
International Student Association13,00013,00013,00013,000
Leadership Institute77,00075,00075,00075,000
LGBTQ Resource Center14,00023,70614,00013,000
Gallery Space10,75010,75010,75010,750
Math Lab72,00078,30072,00072,000
Multicultural Services28,50042,24528,50040,000
Men’s & Women’s Golf8,5008,5007,7509,000
Men’s Baseball11,00011,00010,00015,000
Men’s Basketball11,00011,00010,00015,000
Men’s Soccer11,00011,00010,00020,000
Men’s Tennis5,5005,5004,7006,000
Musical Productions – Instrumental
Musical Productions – Choral78,00098,95078,00088,550
Nursing Student Association13,00013,00013,00013,000
Open House10,00012,00012,00012,000
PALS Center100,000100,000100,000100,000
Peer to Peer & Tiered Mentoring60,000110,000110,000110,000
Performing Arts Coordinator77,30077,30077,30077,300
Phi Theta Kappa0016,25016,250
Radiation & Imaging BAS(20,000)*5,0005,0005,000
KBCS Radio Station32,00035,00032,00032,000
Student Programs Website & Technology69,45069,45069,45069,449
Speech & Debate Society10,00019,00019,00019,000
Stagefright Drama Club13,00014,00013,00015,000
Childcare Center275,000275,000275,000275,000
Student Legislative Committee25,78625,78635,00044,696
Student Programs Support395,000395,000300,058300,058
Student Science Association0003,000
Telos Student Organization0000
The Watchdog75,50075,50075,50083,896
Wellness Center33,00033,00033,00032,900
Women’s Basketball11,00011,00010,00015,000
Women’s Soccer11,00011,00010,00020,000
Women’s Softball11,00011,00010,00015,000
Women’s Tennis5,5005,5004,7006,000
Women’s Volleyball10,00010,0009,00015,000
Women’s Golf8,5008,5007,7509,000
Student Travel Coordinator79,19679,19677,300
BSA Data Analytics3,0003,0000
RISE Learning Institute (Makerspace)25,72525,7250
TOTAL 2,593,228 2,994,652 2,600,318 2,946,610
Program($) Allocated 2017($) Requested 2017Allocated 2016Requested 2016
Academic Success Center133,158133,158120,000142,360
Model United Nations33,00037,01233,00036,000
American Sign Language4,5004,5004,5004,500
Arabic Culture Student Association14,00039,50013,00025,000
ASBCC Club Contingency15,00015,00015,00015,000
Asian Pacific Islanders Student Association14,00022,49413,00016,160
Associated Student Government (ASG)165,958158,281177,000176,157
Athletic Uniforms010,0000
Alumni Outreach1,0001,0001,0001,000
BC Ambassadors30,00060,03715,00021,746
Information Systems & Technology Association3,0003,0003,0003,000
Student Handbook22,00022,00022,00025,000
Belletrist Literary Journal5,4945,49400
Black Student Union14,00017,91513,00013,000
Business Leadership Club57,50065,31150,00064,299
Campus Activities Board129,000159,722129,000169,476
Career Center Internship33,00036,00033,00032,500
Center for Career Connections53,50053,50053,00053,160
Cheer Squad14,50022,05013,00017,500
Civil Rights Pilgrimage9,00012,0009,0009,000
Cultural Activities Fund13,00013,00013,00013,000
Digital Media Design4,5004,5004,5004,500
Disability Resource Center27,00027,00027,00037,000
Drama Productions22,50024,54022,50022,470
Eastside Dance Production10,00010,00010,00010,000
El Centro Latino14,00014,74713,00013,500
Healthcare Technology & Management4,5004,5004,5004,500
Intercollegiate Athletics70,000110,00070,00070,000
Intercollegiate Rentals12,00015,00012,00012,000
Intercollegiate Tourney Travel18,00020,00018,00018,000
Interior Design Student Association12,00012,00012,00011,400
International Student Association13,00013,00013,00013,000
Leadership Institute75,00075,00075,00082,020
LGBTQ Resource Center14,00013,00013,00013,000
Gallery Space10,75010,75010,75010,750
Math Lab72,00072,00072,00068,573
Multicultural Services28,50040,00028,00040,000
Men’s & Women’s Golf7,7509,0007,7507,750
Men’s Baseball10,00015,00010,00010,700
Men’s Basketball10,00015,00010,00010,900
Men’s Soccer10,00020,00010,00010,500
Men’s Tennis4,7006,0004,7004,635
Musical Productions – Instrumental
Musical Productions – Choral78,00088,55078,00085,500
Nursing Student Association13,00013,00013,00031,800
Open House12,00012,00012,00012,000
PALS Center100,000100,000100,000196,120
Peer to Peer & Tiered Mentoring110,000110,000110,000112,212
Performing Arts Coordinator77,30077,30035,50035,395
Phi Theta Kappa16,25016,25016,25016,250
Radiation & Imaging BAS05,0005,0005,000
KBCS Radio Station32,00032,00028,00032,000
Student Programs Website & Technology69,45069,44963,00070,132
Speech & Debate Society19,00019,00019,00019,000
Stagefright Drama Club13,00015,00013,00013,000
Childcare Center275,000275,000250,000220,000
Student Legislative Committee35,00044,69635,00045,649
Student Programs Support300,058300,058260,000280,681
Student Science Association03,0003,0003,000
Telos Student Organization0000
The Watchdog75,50083,89670,00091,500
Wellness Center33,00032,90033,00032,900
Women’s Basketball10,00015,00010,00010,900
Women’s Soccer10,00020,00010,00010,500
Women’s Softball10,00015,00010,00010,700
Women’s Tennis4,7006,0004,7004,635
Women’s Volleyball9,00015,0009,0008,750
Women’s Golf7,7509,0007,5007,500

* Negative numbers mean that funds were withdrawn from the program and moved to the general fund, typically because the program is non-functional
** Funding comes from S&A distributions from tuition and, in 2020, partly, from reserves.

Last Updated June 17, 2021