BC Colors

Consistent use of color is an important component in strengthening the Bellevue College brand. Below are the approved color formulas for print and digital formats. Always reproduce the official colors using the formulas specified. Do not use the standard software translation values when converting colors to CMYK or RGB. This could introduce variations and reduce the impact of the brand.

Primary Color Palette

The BC primary color palette consists of blue and silver and should be the only colors used to reproduce the logo. If printing in a single PMS color, the one color (black & white) version of the logo should be used.

BC BlueBC Blue
CMYK: 100C 67M 0Y 38K
RGB: 0R 61G 121B
HEX: #003D79



BC SilverBC Silver
CMYK: 0C 0M 0Y 40K
RGB: 167R 169G 172B

Secondary Color Palette

The BC secondary color palette consists of red, orange, green, gold and dark blue and should only be used when printing in full color (not pantone spot colors). These colors can be used for subheads, backgrounds and other design elements to add consistency with the brand. Avoid using green or gold for text on a white or light colored background. The dark blue should primarily used as a background color to achieve greater contrast. BC Blue should ALWAYS be used for the logo.

BC secondary redRed
CMYK: 0C 100M 79Y 20K
RGB: 196R 18G 48B
HEX: #C4122F



BC secondary greenGreen
CMYK: 23C 0M 100Y 20K
RGB: 170R 183G 32B
HEX: #AAB720



BC secondary dark blueDark Blue
CMYK: 100C 86M 37Y 32K
RGB: 22R 48G 88B
HEX: #162F57



BC secondary orangeOrange
CMYK: 0C 66M 100Y 7K
RGB: 227R 111G 30B
HEX: #E36F1E



BC secondary goldGold
CMYK: 0C 20M 95Y 5K
RGB: 243R 193G 41B
HEX: #F2C01E

Last Updated June 28, 2017