Elements of Our Brand

Consistent use of the college name, seal and logo is crucial to our efforts to promote Bellevue College as an identifiable and distinguished brand and must be presented in an appropriate and professional manner. Adherence to the guidelines presented in this style guide in any and all BC visual representations is required.

College Name

The official name of the institution is Bellevue College. On first reference, it should always be spelled out with no abbreviations. On second reference, after the full name of the college has been used, you may use BC.

BC sealCollege Seal

The college seal as shown here is reserved for formal use on official documents such as diplomas, transcripts and other materials related to graduation per WAC 132H-106-050. The seal should NOT be used on general documents such as advertisements, presentations, posters, promotional items, or as a decorative element without written permission from the office of Institutional Advancement.

College Logo

The BC logo plays a vital role in the graphic identity of the institution and should never be redrawn, modified or altered in any way. It is not appropriate to stretch, alter, adjust, rotate, change or remove any portions of the BC logo to accommodate space or for individual design preferences.

Graphic Components

It is the College’s policy that the official logo, icon, wordmark and department signatures described herein are the only sanctioned marks for use. The graphic components of the Bellevue College logo include: the “B” icon,  “Bellevue College” wordmark, “Become Exceptional” tagline, and department signature. If not using a department signature, the logo may be used with or without the tagline when appropriate for the specific application.

Two orientations of the logo are available (vertical/stacked and horizontal). The orientation that best fits the proportions of the space available should be used.

BC official logo, icon, wordmark and department signatures

BC Foundation LogoDepartment Signature Logos

Department signature logos for individual departments and divisions as shown here are available by request. These are recommended for department specific collateral materials (i.e.: program sheets, brochures, etc.) that require a strong individual presence but are still identified as being part of the Bellevue College system.

If you have a specific need that any of the approved logo usage options shown here do not fill, please email creativeservices@bellevuecollege.edu. We will work with you to provide a solution to your unique needs.

Need a print-ready BC Logo?

All are high-resolution and acceptable for use in print. If you need a high-resolution logo acceptable for use in print or have any questions, please email creativeservices@bellevuecollege.edu.

Last Updated June 28, 2017