Official Communications


BC StationeryOnly official Bellevue College stationery should be used for business correspondence. BC stationery includes letterhead, envelopes, note pads, and business cards. Other BC branded collateral includes event tickets, room signs, name tents, mailing labels, pocket folders and more. To request custom printed stationery, submit a request via Request Center to Printing Services or call (425) 564-2974 with additional questions.

When composing a letter on official letterhead, consider the following:

  • body text should be black with a minimum point size of 10
  • a serif font such as Cambria or Times Roman is preferable – do not use a decorative, script, or handwriting fonts such as Comic Sans
  • use left-justified, ragged right format – do not full-justify text

PowerPoint Templates

BC PowerPoint TemplatesEffective PowerPoint slides use graphics and text to tell a story. Several BC PowerPoint templates have been developed that you may use as a tool to brand your presentation.

When creating a Powerpoint presentation, consider the following:

  • text-heavy slides can bore audiences and hide key messages
  • studies indicates the average adult attention space for a presentation is 20 minutes so keep your presentation short and to the point
  • slides should include no more than six bulleted items and each item should not exceed the length of one line
  • do not overload slides with too much text or images
  • keep “like” topics together and organize points from most to least important
  • tell a story in a logical sequence and avoid unnecessary descriptions or detail
  • use a clean font such as Arial and font size of about 28-34 points for body text

Email Signatures

Including an electronic signature in email correspondence is helpful in identifying who you are and how to contact you. It should be easily read in a clean font. Do not use a decorative or script font or add a background pattern.

For on-campus correspondence, include your name, title, division and phone number at a minimum. For off-campus, consider including the college mailing address with your room number, a hyperlink to the BC website or your department website and the BC logo.

For example:
Susan B. Smith
Program Assistant | Social Science Division
(425) 564-1212
3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Room B200
Bellevue, Washington 98007

BC Logo

Last Updated October 6, 2017