Our Brand

Figuratively, our brand is our promise to our students. Our brand establishes our value and distinguishes us from the myriad of other educational options available to students. The Bellevue College brand represents who we are, a student-centered, future-ready, innovative institution ­– and the region’s college of choice.

Literally, our brand consists of the college logo inclusive of visual appearance and messaging of our marketing and communications collateral.

Why Branding Matters

Clear and consistent branding affects how people think and feel about Bellevue College. Maintaining the BC branding standards ensures perceived institutional integrity, contributes to increasing our ability to recruit top students, faculty and staff, supports our fundraising efforts, and helps to foster relationships with our community partners.

Shaping our Brand

The BC logo is the foundation of our brand. Consistent and strategic use of the logo, along with our branding standards (our visual identity), builds strong brand equity and subsequently increases our position as a college of choice. Critical ways to shape our brand include:

Use of the BC logo

Include only the approved version(s) of the BC logo on everything you publish, whether for in-house use or distributed internationally. No project is “too small to matter”, no exceptions.

Adherence to Brand Standards

Integration of pre-defined fonts, colors and design templates, consistent with the branding standards, only serve to reinforce our brand.

Consistent Messaging

The vision of BC is “to be the region’s college of choice, based on its excellence, innovation, and national recognition for exemplary programs.” This message should be evident in all your communications.

Last Updated February 10, 2016