Summer Underage Admission & Registration

Summer Registration for Previously Admitted Underage Students, Includes:

  • Running Startimage of sun
  • Other Underage Students who took classes during fall, winter, or spring quarter of the previous year

If you are under the age of 18, have not graduated from high school, and were previously admitted to the college by completing the general admission application, you may register for summer classes by submitting the document linked below (Please use the Document Submission Process below):

Summer Admission for New Underage Students

We accept the following summer admission requests for underage students who meet the following conditions:

Document Submission Process

Except for the General Admission Application, Submit the documents listed above using the button below. This submission process requires you to log in using your NetID, which requires that you first be fully admitted to the college, and have a Student ID number and PIN, which is sent to you via email within a few days after you apply for general admission. 

Submit Underage Summer Admission/Registration Forms

New Underage Students

Underage students, who do not meet the requirements listed above, and underage students who plan to take classes during fall, winter or spring quarter must complete the underage admission process as established on the Underage Admission Webpage, or apply for acceptance to running start, CEO, or other High School Programs.