Environmental Advisory Committee

The Bellevue College Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) was established in 2007 to advise campus constituencies regarding environmental and sustainable policies and programs on the BC campus. We strive to provide resources to the campus and community that allow us all to learn, work, live and play in a sustainable and healthy environment. Please feel free to contact the committee if you have any questions or comments.


The Environmental Advisory Committee provides a forum for identification and discussion of issues pertaining to sustainability. The Committee also assists in identifying strategies and resources for effectively advancing sustainability goals. The Committee provides oversight and advocacy for student and faculty led subcommittees and programs.


  • Serve as an advisory board for President’s Staff, the Office of Sustainability and any campus constituencies.
  • Review and recommend policies and procedures related to campus environmental impact, and environmental education
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the College’s sustainability initiatives.
  • Provide leadership in response the campus sustainability issues and promote awareness


The Environmental Advisory Committee includes two sub-committees with partially overlapping membership:

Student Environmental Sustainability Fund Committee

The Student Environmental Sustainability Fund Committee recommends allocations of the revenues collected from the students environmental sustainability fee.

Sustainability Curriculum Committee

The Sustainability Curriculum Committee leads initiatives to infuse sustainability throughout the curriculum. The sub-committee of the EAC evolved from the Sustainability Task Force formed in 2009 – to research and provide advice on how to diversify, strengthen and better incorporate sustainability into the BC curriculum.

Chair –committee member selected by the committeeCommitteeN/A
Two (2) administrators, including Vice President of Administrative Services or designeePresident’s Staff (1)1 year
Three (3) faculty members; One from Curriculum Sub-Committee, One from SESF, One at Large.BCAHE President2 years
Three (3) classified staff Bargaining Unit A members including SESF representativeHuman Resources2 years
One (1) classified staff Bargaining Unit B memberHuman Resources2 years
ASBC Environmental RepresentativeBy virtue of position1 year
Two (2) students from SESF CommitteeBy virtue of committee membership1 year
The Advisor to the Sustainability and Science Association Program (SSAP).By virtue of positionPermanent
SESF Budget AuthorityBy virtue of positionPermanent


2013-14 Membership

Ray White (Designee: Deric Gruen)Convener – Vice President of Administrative Services or designated administratorPermanent
Anne Mary Nash-HarunaFaculty Sustainability Curriculum Committee6/2014
Marika ReinkeFaculty At Large6/2013
Michael HansonFaculty SESF Committee member6/2014
Rob ViensAdvisor to SSAPermanent
Hristo (Chris) StoynovClassified Staff – Unit A6/2014
Janee SommerfieldClassified Staff – Unit A6/2014
Jan NgClassified SESF Committee member6/2015
VacantClassified Staff – Unit B6/2014
Alex ClarkASG Environmental Representative6/2014
Zawdie TerryStudent SESF Committee member6/2014
Brandon Hartshorn
Student SESF Committee member6/2014
Faisal JaswalSESF Budget AuthorityPermanent

Last Updated June 4, 2019