Sustainability Curriculum Committee

The Sustainability Curriculum Committee leads initiatives to infuse sustainability throughout the curriculum.

This sub-committee of the EAC evolved from the Sustainability Task Force formed in 2009 – to research and provide advice on how to diversify, strengthen and better incorporate sustainability into the BC curriculum.


A subcommittee of the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), the Sustainability Curriculum Subcommittee identifies and supports sustainability focused and related courses and develops strategies to infuse sustainability throughout the curriculum.


  • Annual Report to Instruction, Workforce Education and Continuing Education.
  • Service as an advisory board for Faculty Commons and Office of Sustainability.
  • Develop strategies for curriculum infusion
MEMBERSHIPAppointed/Elected byTerm
One (1) Arts & Humanities Division FacultyAdministrator2 year
One (1) Business Division FacultyDean of IBIT2 year
One (1) HSEWI Division FacultyDean of HSEWI2 year
One (1) Science Division FacultyDean of Science2 year
One (1) Social Science Division FacultyDean of Social Science2 year
One (1) Continuing Education representativeDean of CE2 year
Faculty Commons CoordinatorBy Virtue of PositionPermanent
Director of SustainabilityBy Virtue of PositionPermanent
Ex-officio members
Sustainability Curriculum ManagerBy Virtue of PositionPermanent
Career Services RepresentativeDirector of Career ServicesPermanent

2013-14 Membership

Member (Alternate)RepresentingTerm Ends
Tom Nielson, (Designee: Deric Gruen)Co-convener Vice President Instruction or designeePermanent
Marika ReinkeFaculty Commons, Co-convenorPermanent
Rhonda GilliamArts & Humanities Division6/2014
Anne-Mary Nash-Haruna (Ruth Fruland)Business Division6/2014
Sonya Doucette (Roshni Tewari)Science Division6/2015
Peter PrescottHSEWI Division6/2015
Grace RobbingsSocial Science Division6/2014
Radhika SeshanContinuing Education6/2015
Deric GruenOffice of SustainabilityPermanent
Michael ReeseCareer ServicesEx Officio
Kent Short2010 Sustainability Task Force ChairEx Officio

Last Updated June 4, 2019