Our Team

Erika Lamothe Picture

Erika Lamothe

Outreach Coordinator


Erika Lamothe is the Sustainability Outreach Coordinator. Her father introduced her to sustainability at a young age by recycling and teaching her about the benefits of nuclear energy. She has always been environmentally conscious and is consistently learning more on how to help the environment on a daily basis. Erika is passionate about wildlife and …more about Erika Lamothe

Elissa Gordon Picture

Elissa Gordon

Program Manager


Elissa is the Program Manager for the Office of Sustainability. Since obtaining her bachelor’s degree in environmental science, she has worked passionately in the natural resources field, studying the environment while connecting with surrounding communities. Her witnessing human-made impacts firsthand, created a deep understanding and appreciation for the need of sustainability. At Bellevue College she …more about Elissa Gordon

Sam Vanderlina Picture

Sam Vanderlina

Transportation Coordinator


Sam Vanderlinda is the Transportation Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. Sam is deeply interested in conserving the natural environment and is grateful to work in a position surrounded with motivated people to contribute to a sustainable future. Sam assists students in exploring different options to commute to campus in an environmentally friendly manner. He …more about Sam Vanderlina

Dennis Tso Picture

Dennis Tso

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator


Dennis Tso is the Digital Media and Communications Coordinator. He manages the social media for The Office of Sustainability at Bellevue College and creates all the visual content. As a graphic designer, and artist, he incorporates all his experience and skills into creating visually appealing designs into all his work!

Amber Nicholson Picture

Amber Nicholson



Amber is the Director for the Office of Sustainability. She implements programs and projects that engage the college and the community at large in sustainability. She works to reduce the college’s greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, energy, and waste, and conserve natural resources such as water. In addition, she develops new methods to incorporate sustainability into …more about Amber Nicholson