Summer 2014 SESF Awards: Funding Sustainability for Student Growth

Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF) Logo

The Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF) awarded funds to three exciting programs. The SESF is a committee of student, staff, and faculty representatives who allocate funds to projects that contribute to both sustainability goals and educational growth. Transportation Incentives: $33,125 Transportation incentives assist in enrolling students, staff, and faculty in Bellevue College’s rideshare program, BC RideMatch. …more about Summer 2014 SESF Awards: Funding Sustainability for Student Growth

Recycle Station Improvements

Bellevue College Recycling bins in a row

Facilities Operations is implementing standard recycle stations in groups, with signage and standard colors for trash, recycling, and compost (where applicable) in interior common areas. This builds on last year’s project implemented by Facilities Operations to standardize exterior waste bins and a student intern project from Winter 2013. Both were funded by the Student Environmental …more about Recycle Station Improvements

Earth Week Wrap-Up!


Earth Week 2013 was a huge success! Here is a brief wrap-up on some of Earth Week’s highlights. Remember! Treat every day as Earth Day! Climate Pledge– In the weeks prior to Earth Week we began to ask faculty to make a Climate Pledge. The pledge entailed integrating climate change into classroom curriculum during Earth Week …more about Earth Week Wrap-Up!

Sustainability Intern Spotlight

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At the end of Fall Quarter 2012 the Office of Sustainability hired three new interns to tackle of some of the issues facing sustainability on campus. The three internships include a Zero-Waste Intern, an Advocacy Intern, as well as a Sustainable Foods Intern. Here is a description of each internship and what it is they …more about Sustainability Intern Spotlight

AASHE Conference 2012 – What Did We Learn?

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education hosted a conference in Los Angeles earlier this month. The conference fostered communication between college environmental representatives and teaches across the country. Bellevue College’s ASG (Associated Student Government) environmental representative, Mackenzie Williamson, was granted funds through the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund. Zack Boucher, the transportation …more about AASHE Conference 2012 – What Did We Learn?

SESF Update: August 2012

On August 7th 2012 the SESF Committee held their first meeting of the 2012 fiscal year. There were two funding requests as well as a presentation by Patrick Green, Program Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability, detailing a new approach to the SESF application process and protocol. Mackenzie Williamson, ASG Environmental Representative and chair of …more about SESF Update: August 2012