Greener Office Purchasing

Bellevue College is striving to make greener purchases.  In Quarter 2, 2011 approximately 57% of Bellevue College spending was green.  According to the Green Office Depot Product report, approximately 43% spending was on non-green products, 49% was on recycled product while 7% was on re-manufactured products.     We our trying to implement greener products and there ...more about Greener Office Purchasing

Students Discoveries Support New Bins

In Nancy Gonlin’s archeology class, a group of students embarked on an exciting team project. The aim of the project was to play the role of archeologist and observe Bellevue College community’s behavior by examining the garbage, composting and recycling bins. They were not permitted to interact with the students. Their findings indicated that there's ...more about Students Discoveries Support New Bins

‘It’s So Green’ student video

Silvia Wilson created an awesome video for her  student project during the social media workshop.  The video, ‘It’s So Green’, gives students tips on reducing waste and using on campus composting  Make sure to keep them in mind the next time you plan a potluck.  Check out the video here.  

Online Course Evaluations

Attention all Instructors! It is time for student evaluations.  Instead of printing out multiple forms, we can save paper by using the online course evaluations! Faculty must choose to participate in this process each quarter to activate the program. To choose to “Opt In”, go to https://bellevuecollege.edu/ClassEval/manage/default.aspx  Choose “Educators” access, and type in your Employee ...more about Online Course Evaluations

Compost Week Pictures!

A couple students volunteering for compost week from January 9th-12th (From left to right: Shun, Megan Phan, Nelly Phan, and Michael Yoon) Green Capes! Captains of Sustainability! Our Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism, Sophia Trinh, showing a powerpoint slide show for MLK Week! Keturah. . . one of our most energetic volunteers. A ...more about Compost Week Pictures!

Bag Monster on Campus!

The Bag Monster will be on campus January 11th and 12th to promote the Consumed exhibit at the Bellevue College Gallery Space in January. Want to visit with the monster and get your picture taken? Ask the Monster to Visit your Class for Q&A Ask the Monster to Visit your Office Find the Monster near ...more about Bag Monster on Campus!

Be a Monster

We’re looking for a few good actors or actresses to play the “plastic bag monster” Wednesday and Thursday Jan. 11th and 12th. We have slots available from 9:15am to 2:15pm in one or more hour segments. The will be accompanied by a photographer and roam the fountain area. We’re looking for people who are really ...more about Be a Monster