The January exhibit in the Bellevue College Gallery Space will be of a photographer Paho Mann who is documenting the use/overuse of plastic in our society.

Captains of Sustainability Spread the Joy of Composting!

Six Captains of Sustainability have spread the composting cheer to their co-workers by participating in the latest composting pilot project. Each participant was given a laminated poster, composting bags, and a compost bin. The pilot is limited at this time, but check back for updates in 2012!

Composting is Here!

Thanks to Bellevue College’s Student Environmental and Sustainability Fund (SESF), the BC Cafeteria will start a very exciting composting pilot project! We are reaching out to you in hopes that you will celebrate with us and educate the students about the importance of composting and reducing our waste.  All food containers, cups, lids and, of ...more about Composting is Here!

Campus Access to Paperless Evaluations

Shifting the culture and campus social norms from the paper based student evaluations to a paperless system is no easy task.  There are certainly significant barriers like achieving a high return from students and maintaining  the integrity of the data for our tenure candidates. But could there be a better model that benefits all?  I think ...more about Campus Access to Paperless Evaluations

Duplex printing in N250

It may not surprise you, but nobody on campus prints more than the students.  So at the request of students and in an effort to make a significant reduction in the amount of paper printed in the N250 Open Lab, Computing Services has recently set up duplex printing (ie double sided) as an option for all ...more about Duplex printing in N250

Pause the Printing

I've operated under a personal limited paper use policy for the last couple years. I don't use much paper and most of the paper littering my desk  has been given to me from some committee or meeting.  It sits in useless piles for a few months until I get up the nerve to use it as scratch ...more about Pause the Printing