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Each year we offer a wide variety of workshops, speakers, and documentary film screenings- All FREE! Check out the schedules below to see the various events that have helped us to take action for a better local and global community. The theme for 2020 was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and “50 Years of Change”.

Earth Week 2020 Event Page.

A special thanks to our external speakers and Bellevue College faculty presenters. We appreciate you!

Previous Years

If you are interested in the schedules from previous years, check out the posters and schedule links below:

Earth Week 2019 Pictures

Earth Week 2019 Schedule – Theme: Game On: BC Addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Earth Week Poster 2019

Earth Week 2018 Schedule (online schedule) – Theme: Empowering People & Influencing Change

Earth Week Poster 2018 (PDF Poster)

Earth Week 2017 Schedule (online) – Theme: Rise Up, Be the Change

Earth Week 2017 Poster (PDF Poster and Schedule)

Earth Week 2016 Schedule (online) – Theme: Think Global, Act Local

Earth Week 2016 Poster (PDF Schedule)

Earth Week 2015 Schedule – Theme: Environmental Justice

Earth Week 2014 Schedule

Earth Week Schedules 2000- 2013

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