Bellevue College Student Garden

Bellevue College Greenhouse and Garden imageThe Bellevue College Student Garden (which is located behind the R building and greenhouse) is an outdoor classroom dedicated to providing students with a living laboratory, one that supplies an education on how plants produce food for all other organisms through non-living inputs (such as sun, water, and the nutrients in soil).  Students who use the garden beds for classes take the food home for themselves or the food is donated to a charity.

The garden beds that are not used by classes are tended by the student garden club, Bite Me. The club produces fresh vegetables of many different varieties using organic and sustainable methods.  The produce is harvested and consumed by members of the garden club or donated to a charity.

At this time, the Garden Club at BC class has raised and donated over $700 worth of produce to the Issaquah Food Bank.

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The Student Garden as made possible through student and faculty leaders. Funds for this project were made available through the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF). Learn more about the SESF, and how to apply for funds at the SESF website.


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Bellevue College Garden now has a monthly newsletter!  For current and past editions check out the links below…

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Last Updated April 8, 2014