Produce Stand

The Bellevue College Office of Sustainability offers a produce stand to the Bellevue College community twice per year, once during Fall quarter and once during Spring quarter, usually during Earth Week.

What is the BC Produce Stand?

Funded by the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund, the purpose of the produce stand is to educate our community on the importance of local, organic foods, eating healthy, and supporting local business. We do our best to source our products within Washington, followed by Oregon, and then as a last resort, California. We wish to reduce the mileage of our food sources have to travel to get to us, creating greenhouse gas emissions, and into your belly!

Prior to 2019, we used Charlie’s Produce to source our selection of fresh fruits and vegetables we would provide at wholesale prices. Since then, we have transitioned to a partnership with 21 Acres and the Puget Sound Food Hub. We feel that this gives us a better direct connection to the local farmers.

Why don’t we grow the food at the BC Student Garden?

At this time, the student garden does not have the space needed to grow enough food to support our produce stand. Much of the food at the food garden is provided to the students who are members of Garden Club, who have earned the food by learning hands-on gardening techniques. Any additional food goes to the BC Student Food Pantry.

Last Updated March 18, 2021