Sustainability in Food Services

Information as of August 2013


Food Services currently offers a variety of local options to choose from including companies, such as Tim’s Cascade chips which are locally processed in Algona, WA, and locally grown food such as produce from Inaba Farms located in Wapato, WA. Below is a small sample of the local farmers and companies we use:

Inaba Produce FarmsSquash and ZucchiniWapato, WA
Spooner FarmsBlackberries and StrawberriesPuyallup, WA
Carpinito Bros FarmGreen cabbage, cilantro, lettuce varietiesKent, WA
Ostrom FarmMushroom varietiesOlympia and Everson, WA
Seattle Bagel CompanyBagelsSeattle, WA
Northern Fish ProductsSalmon productsTacoma, WA


We currently have some organic items and the Sustainable Foods Group (SFG) is working with our vendors to obtain a comprehensive list of organic products.


The SFG is currently conducting research to identify which third-party vendors meet fair-trade standards.

Food labeling

The SFG is currently conducting research on food labeling software that could label: ingredients and highlight common allergens, nutritional information, local, organic, fair-trade, as well as labeling products as vegetarian and vegan.

American Humane Certified

Foster Farms, which provides Food Services with various chicken products, is American Humane Certified.

Food Packaging


Most of the food containers and eating utensils in the cafeteria and cafes are compostable, including those you might not suspect like coffee cups and lids, forks and knives and salad bar containers. Third party items like prepared sushi items may be in recyclable containers or may not – so be sure to sort your waste.

Waste oil

Bellevue College distributes waste oil locally for the production of biodiesel.

Reusable Mug Discount

Food Services currently offers a 25 cent discount when a customer purchases a drink in a reusable cup.



Last Updated April 8, 2014