Urban Forest Loop


Welcome to the Urban Forest Loop. While this area does have uneven terrain, access ramps close by provide assistance to visitors. Located in and around the south end of A Building, the best access to this area is at the south end of the main courtyard or from parking lots 8, 10, or 12.

This area of the arboretum highlights that landscapes are not stagnate and over time, they adapt, they change, and they grow. Using native plants in landscapes is best practice but with our changing climate, we must think towards the future. Urban environments have higher temperatures, more pest problems, less water and higher plant stress, but it’s not all doom and gloom! Creative solutions can arise out of these constraints. What kind of sustainable gardening techniques have you seen?

On the northwestern edge of the loop, a large sequoia stands tall, then moving clockwise around the loop, there’s examples of different urban pruning techniques most effective in tight spaces. On the east side of the loop, the Grounds Department is developing soil management and showcasing various garden bed builds. At the south end of the loop, noxious weed management is highlighted along with common restoration practices that are paramount for a healthy urban forest. What noxious/invasive plants do you know?

Currently, the middle and east portions of this loop are less developed. If you are interested in helping the BC grounds crew create and maintain a sustainable landscape, please contact the Office of Sustainability for volunteer opportunities. 

Last Updated April 19, 2023