The Office of Sustainability

Karen Bosshart

Outreach Coordinator


Karen Bosshart is the Outreach Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. Her interest in sustainability stems from her volunteer work with the Seattle Aquarium and her love of the beautiful marine environments of the Pacific Northwest. She believes that the best way to spark an enduring interest in issues related to conservation is through personal connection; when people …more about Karen Bosshart

Transportation Coordinator- NOW HIRING!

Transportation Coordinator


July 7, 2017- we are still searching for our student transportation coordinator! If interested, email

Amber Nicholson



Amber is the Director for the Office of Sustainability. She implements programs and projects that engage the college and the community at large in sustainability. She works to reduce the college’s greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, energy, and waste, and conserve natural resources such as water. In addition, she develops new methods to incorporate sustainability into …more about Amber Nicholson

Christian Moore

Communications Coordinator


Christian is the Communications Coordinator for the office of Sustainability. Christian is in charge of communicating any news or projects coming out of the Office of Sustainability tot he students, campus, and community. Christian manages the newsletters, mass-email campaigns, and updates other social media platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Using graphic design, digital media, …more about Christian Moore