James (Jamie) Osborne

James Osborne

Manager, Technical Support Services at Bellevue College, author

“Choosing Life”

Exercise and fitness have been a central part of Jamie Osborne’s life throughout his adult years. A place of refuge, solace, camaraderie and hard work, Jamie gave his all when running, skiing, cycling, rowing or various court sports. It brought him great joy and fulfillment. Until June 2007. Abruptly, catastrophically, Jamie sustained a sports-related injury that rendered him permanently disabled. His professional career as an information technology leader derailed. His participation as a recreational enthusiast was brought to an involuntary halt. Years after the accident, his body continually betrays him, and he faces daily residual deficits from this “unimaginable injury”.

His family has struggled mightily coming to grips with this new normal. Jamie remained undaunted and harnessed all of his faculties to battle this condition and in the process regained many aspects of the functions he lost. Today, he can live independently, with minimal assistance or accommodation. His life was turned upside down, and his physicality was completely reset. In spite of this, Jamie has devoted countless hours to rebuilding himself, conquering enormous obstacles with grit, determination, and resilience. His book, Will Your Way Back, will be released in early February.

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Website: www.choose2win.info

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Last Updated June 7, 2017