Micki O’Brien

Miki O’Brien

Co-Founder, Aligned Education; teacher, speaker, author

  “Tapping Your Superpowers”

Micki O’Brien, M.A., is a trainer, consultant, author and finder of greatness. Experienced in a wide array of educational modalities, she works with students labeled as challenging and difficult. A neurodivergent individual herself, she strives to recognize and build on the greatness of the diversity of unique perceptions.

Micki believes, “Each of us is a unique, individual person with unique, individual gifts. Our schools and other institutions have the opportunity to support the development of these unique gifts. Instead of individuals attempting to fit into the boxes that have been created, at this point in human evolution, we have the opportunity to create and expand our organizations so that we celebrate and build upon the brilliance of this powerful diversity.”

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Last Updated May 12, 2017