Norman Alston

Norman Alston

The Pied Piper of Math: Educator and mathematician helping kids find the fun in math

“Engaging Youth in Math”

Norman Alston grew up in Seattle, the son of a Pentecostal minister. His early education mirrored his home life; he was afraid of his teachers and was labeled as slow and unable to learn mathematics. In high school, he became estranged from his family and, at times, was homeless and living in his car. In spite of all this he possessed the grit and persistence to couch surf his way through Howard University and become a mathematics teacher. Because of these early experiences he set out to find a way to make math a fun and engaging experience for kids in his community.

Since 1995, Alston has taught math to thousands of children in the Seattle area. He founded Zeno Math and eMode Learning Foundation to bring math enrichment programs to underserved youth. His dream is to see a mathematical renaissance in the United States.

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Last Updated May 12, 2017