Tenure Recipients 2013

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Tim Jones, Ph.D.
Political Science


Tim has a bachelor’s degree in Political Studies and International Intercultural Studies from Pitzer College outside of Los Angeles; and master’s and doctoral degrees in Political Science, with a concentration in Political Communication, from the University of Washington.


Tim is an instructor and serves as the chair of two programs: Political Science and International Studies, both part of the Social Science division on campus. He also serves on the All-College Council and the Interdisciplinary Studies Steering Committee, and is the advisor of four student clubs.


According to Dean Virginia Bridwell, Tim has shouldered an extraordinary amount of administrative duties as chair of two programs. He has supported several initiatives designed to revitalize the Political Science program, including increasing its visibility by effectively advertising courses to students. As a result, the number of course sections and offerings has grown markedly. Tim has also supported his colleagues’ efforts to offer political seminars for the campus community, further increasing visibility of the program. He revived the college’s Model United Nations program, and has taken students on trips to New York and abroad, where they have successfully competed against students from four-year schools, earning several awards. During the rigorous tenure process, Tim managed to complete his dissertation to earn a Ph.D. Additionally, he published two peer-reviewed articles in two highly-respected communications journals since joining the faculty at BC.


Tim is a competent, passionate, student-centered, and talented colleague who has already made a long-term impact on Bellevue College. Tim’s students remark that his classes are life-changing, and his colleagues commend his professionalism, diplomacy, and ability to reinvigorate the Political Science program. Tim’s students repeatedly comment on how engaging and knowledgeable he is as an instructor. Peers note how well Tim has handled being chair of the Political Science and International Studies programs while going through the tenure process.

Working at BC

Tim decided to earn a Ph.D. with the goal of becoming a teacher. As a first-generation college student, he’s able to relate to students at BC, many of whom are also the first in their families to attend college. “I feel I have more of an impact here than at most other institutions,” Tim says. “I have the opportunity to mentor students and help them achieve their educational and career goals.” Now that he has tenure, he’s excited to see where the college is heading in the next five or 10 years down the road.

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