Placement Tests

Placement Testing Requirements and Information

  • To take any of the placement tests listed below, you must complete the admission process, know your assigned student ID number. Placement tests are currently offered remotely. Note: If you cannot test remotely due to limited access to a computer, you may request to test on-campus using the button below.
  • Use the button below to request a standardized English or math placement test.

Request English and Math Placement

Use this link to view the English and math course sequence chart. The chart helps you plan your educational path.

English Placement:

We use ACCUPLACER for English placement.

  • Prepare to take the ACCUPLACER by using the free practice materials located on the ACCUPLACER website.
  • As part of the admission process, students may take their first Accuplacer test with no additional charge. A $15 retest fee applies for each additional attempt.
  • We do not place a time limit on taking the test. The average test time is about an hour.
  • Your English placement expires after two years.
  • English assessments taken remotely online are proctored by Examity. You pay a $25+tax fee when you schedule your exam. You must first submit the request using the above link. We send test information and instructions how to schedule.

Math Placement:

We use ALEKS for math placement.

  • Prepare to take the ALEKS test by going to the Math Department website and accessing sample final exams. These other websites also provide practice options and short instructional videos.
  • As part of the admission process, students may take their first ALEKS test with no additional charge. A $15 retest fee applies for each additional attempt.
  • You create an ALEKS account just before your first assessment.
  • After your first assessment, you have access to customized practice material, called prep. modules.
  • The prep modules are designed to prepare you for your next assessment.
  • This account is available to you for unlimited study and practice time – for up to one year and then the account expires.
  • There are five assessment attempts within any ALEKS account.
  • You must use the ALEKS practice modules prior to retaking the placement test.
  • Time limit is 4 hours – while testing remotely.  The average test time is about one and a half hours.
  • Math placements expire after four registration periods.
  • NOTE:  The standard math assessment using ALEKS – only places as high as MATH& 151 Calculus. If you need placement to a higher math course you must tell us that. We use a different tool for that level.

Chemistry 161 Placement:

While the college is closed to the public due to COVID-19, you may qualify for a waiver of the chemistry placement requirement. To see if you qualify, please email Make sure you use your BC email and that you include your Student ID number. Please note you still must meet the math portion of the prerequisite requirement. Please see the COURSE DESCRIPTIONS.


Last Updated April 12, 2021