Ballet, Contemporary & Jazz Classes

Ballet Classes

Ballet Class

Students will be able to apply correct ballet technical theory to a basic ballet barre during the warm-up portion of the class. Through the knowledge and practice of these fundamental conditioning techniques students will improve basic strength, flexibility, placement and balance. As students learn the French terminology for steps by connecting the terms to movement sequences which are practiced, they begin to discover how mastering the fundamentals coordinates to greater self-expression and can be applied to other styles of dance.

Jazz Classes

Jazz Dance Class

Students will learn basics of jazz dance technique. A series of stretches and conditioning techniques performed in the warm-up portion of the class, will improve flexibility, strength, balance and core control. Students will learn to recognize how these techniques apply to short and long movement sequences or progressions. Increasingly more difficult steps and skills will be practiced with a basic trial and error approach, as students begin to combine elements of conditioning, coordination and memory into learning a dance sequence. Students will gain the ability to move more freely with individual degrees of increasing proficiency, and dynamics.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance Class

Students will learn the basics of contemporary dance movement technique. Each class will begin with a set warm-up series that will help improve strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. Students will also learn movement phrases that emphasize tempo, timing, rhythm and weight shift. Class work will not only focus on the physical execution of contemporary dance but also the dynamic range of how movement is performed.

Last Updated June 3, 2020