Transfer Credit Policy (FAQ)

If you plan to transfer credits from other colleges or universities to your degree and/or certificate program at BC, here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding BC general transfer credit policy.

How are transfer credits considered for acceptance?

All credits are subject to approval by the Evaluations Office based on credit equivalency, applicability to the degree or certificate, and the transfer institution’s accreditation. BC accepts credits earned at institutions accredited by a regional accrediting association, provided that such credits are college-level courses that are applicable to each students’ program at BC.

How many transfer credits can be applied?

A maximum of 60 quarter credits (40 semester credits) may be transferred from other institutions toward an associate degree. Transfer credits can constitute up to two-thirds of the total credits necessary for a certificate.

What is the minimum grade required?

Transfer credits with less than a D grade (or 1.0) cannot satisfy a graduation requirement.

What course levels are accepted?

Lower-division courses (usually numbered 100-200) are applicable towards transferable associate degrees (AAS, AB and AS). Upper-division courses (usually numbered 300-400) are not applicable.

Are transfer credits and grades calculated into BC graduation GPA?

Yes. Credits and grades transferred to BC from other colleges and universities are included in the calculation of the degree GPA.

How will semester credits be converted to BC quarter credits?

Semester credits are multiplied by 1.5 to convert them to quarter credits. For example, a course with 3 semester credits equals 4.5 quarter credits at BC.

Will courses transferred from other institutions appear on BC transcript?

No. Transfer courses accepted by the Evaluations Office are recorded in your graduation application file. BC official transcript does not show the accepted transfer credit information, it only lists the names of the transfer institutions.

What are acceptable official transcripts from another institution?

  1. A transcript is official if it is sent directly from the sending institution to BC.
  2. It can be sent via electronic transmission directly to BC from any community college in the State of Washington.
  3. You can deliver a transcript to BC in person only if it is sealed in an official envelope from the sending institution.
  4. If BC Admissions Office has returned an official transcript from another institution to you, it will be accepted as an official transcript at BC if the sealed envelope labeled “Official for BC use only” is not opened.

Can international transcripts be translated and evaluated by an outside credit evaluation agency?

Yes. You can contact the Evaluations Office for a list of recognized international transcript evaluation agencies.
The above information is for general reference only. Final acceptance of credits from other colleges and universities is subject to individual review and approval by the Evaluations Office. You may contact the Evaluations Office for more details about transfer credit review.

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Last Updated July 9, 2014