Math Review for Finals

Study Group

A study workshop held quarterly, the week before finals. These workshop sessions are for students taking any pre-college level math class (Math 99 or lower). It is a time for students to study, practice sample finals, especially word problems, and definitely get clarity on math concepts.

Come for a quick question, five minutes, or stay for the entire duration (usually lasting 3 – 5 hours). The sessions are flexible, so drop-in as your time allows. This workshop is not formally structured as most students already have their own practice problems to work on; however, a TRiO staff can certainly provide more practice worksheets (e.g. percent, linear equations, solving systems, factoring, word problems, etc.) to meet your needs, in order to make the most of the workshop.

All TRiO students taking Math 99 or below will be emailed a flyer announcing workshop sessions, a couple weeks before finals week. Additionally, one should also find flyers posted along TRiO areas.

Last Updated July 17, 2017