BC Tuition Payment Plan

Due to our conversion to ctcLink, the Nelnet payment plan is temporarily unavailable starting October 27 through the end of December 2021. Fall Quarter payments made after October 27 will be processed and applied to student accounts after the conversion is complete.

To view your existing payment plan, please login to https://online.campuscommerce.com/SignIn.aspx

Winter Quarter Payments

With the Nelnet payment option unavailable until the end of December, the college has made the following payment adjustments for students:

  1. For students who register for winter classes between November 29 and December 10:
    • Pay 30% of the tuition due by December 21
    • For example: If your tuition is $1500, you must pay $450
  2. For students who register for winter classes between December 11 and January 2:
    • Pay 30% of the tuition due by January 3, or sign up for the payment plan if available
    • For example: If your tuition is $1500, you must pay $450
  3. Students who register on or after January 3 must pay their tuition in full or sign up for the Nelnet payment plan
  4. Any remaining balance due for students who made at least a 30% down payment prior to January 3, must be paid in full by January 12

Use this link for information about making your down payment online

BC Tuition Payment Plan allows you to stretch out your tuition payments so you do not have to pay the full tuition amount all at once.

  • Easy online enrollment through Nelnet Campus Commerce, an approved third-party vendor
  • Automatic monthly payments with no interest
  • $25 non-refundable enrollment fee (quarterly enrollment required)

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Automatic payment from bank account (checking or savings)
  • Automatic payment from credit or debit cardExample: If you sign up for the Summer Quarter plan on July 18 (see chart below) and you owe $1500 in tuition and fees:
    • You pay 30% ($450) of your tuition and fees immediately as a down payment.
    • You pay the remaining $1050 through two $525 automatic withdrawals in July & August.

What to do if I add or drop classes, a waitlisted class is added, or I have changes in financial aid funding?

You are responsible for dropping classes, including classes added from a waitlist, according to the college’s refund schedule in order to be eligible for any refunds.** (Note: you (the student) must drop classes online via web registration or in person at Student Central.) If your balance has changed due to changes (including waitlisted classes) in your class schedule or financial aid, the payment plan balance will be adjusted, however it may be delayed. You should review your agreement balance online through your payment plan account. You may also call Nelnet Campus Commerce at 1-800-609-8056 to check your balance. If you need your balance adjusted please e-mail sfs@bellevuecollege.edu at least 3 days prior to the payment date.

Information on Returned Payments:

Should an automatic bank payment or credit card payment fail for lack of available funds, Nelnet Campus Commerce will charge your account a $30 returned payment fee. Nelnet Campus Commerce will notify you of the returned payment by e-mail or mail. Missed payments will automatically be re-attempted on the 20th and 5th day of the month following the missed payment.

Frequently asked questions

Last Updated November 22, 2021