BC Tuition Payment Plan

The BC Tuition Payment Plan allows you to stretch out your tuition payments so you do not have to pay the full tuition amount all at once. International students are unable to use the BC Tuition Payment Plan (Nelnet), but instead should apply for the STEPP pre-payment plan (STEPP Prepayment Agreement).

  • Easy online enrollment through Nelnet Business Solutions, an approved third-party vendor
  • Automatic monthly payments with no interest
  • $25 non-refundable enrollment fee (quarterly enrollment required)

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Automatic payment from bank account (checking or savings)
  • Automatic payment from credit or debit card

Example: If you sign up for the Summer Quarter plan on June 10 (see chart below) and you owe $1,500 in tuition and fees:

  • You pay 30 percent ($450) of your tuition and fees immediately as a down payment.
  • You pay the remaining $1,050 through two $525 automatic withdrawals on July 5 and Aug. 5.


Dates to sign-up (Summer 2017)Required down paymentNumber of paymentsMonthly payments processed
May 12 - June 1None3June 5; July 5; Aug 5
June 2 – June 2330%2July 5; Aug 5
June 24 – July 2760%1Aug 5
Monthly PaymentsTo INCREASE your payment, make changes by this date (2pm)To DECREASE your payment, make changes by this date (2pm)
June 5May 26June 1
July 5June 23June 30
Aug 5July 28Aug 3
Dates to sign-up (Fall 2017)Required down paymentNumber of paymentsMonthly payments processed
May 12 - Aug 3None4Aug 5; Sep 5; Oct 5; Nov 5
Aug 4 - Aug 2420%3Sep 5; Oct 5; Nov 5
Aug 25 - Sept 2640%2Oct 5; Nov 5
Sept 27 - Oct 2660%1Nov 5
Monthly PaymentsTo INCREASE your payment, make changes by this date (2 pm)To DECREASE your payment, make changes by this date (2 pm)
Aug 5July 28Aug 3
Sept 5Aug 25Aug 31
Oct 5 Sept 25Oct 3
Nov 5Oct 27Nov 2
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Fees to Participate

  • $25 non-refundable enrollment fee per quarter (ACH & credit card)
  • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is unsuccessful for lack of available funds or incorrect account information.

When should I enroll in the Payment Plan?

  • You must enroll in the plan before midnight on your initial tuition due date or you may be dropped from class(es).
  • IMPORTANT: payment plan enrollment after the due date will not stop the class-drop process.

Payment Plan Termination

  • It is important to ensure that you payments will process successfully.
  • Payment Plans requiring no down-payment will be terminated immediately if the first scheduled payment is unsuccessful. All other unsuccessful scheduled payments for all Payment Plan participants will be automatically re-attempted on the 20th and 5th days of the month following the scheduled payment date. If a Payment Plan is terminated, the student is subject to the college’s policy for tuition payment and may risk being dropped from classes.

Instructions for Setting up a Tuition Payment Plan via Nelnet Business Solutions:

  • If you are registered for classes and know your tuition balance for a specific quarter: Go to MyPaymentPlan to enroll in the tuition payment plan.
  • If you need to register for classes or look-up your tuition balance: Go to Register. Enter SID and PIN. Complete registration, note tuition balance due, and click next in the bottom right hand corner. Then select MyPaymentPlan.

What to do if I add or drop classes, a waitlisted class is added, or I have changes in financial aid funding?

You are responsible for dropping classes, including classes added from a waitlist, according to the college’s refund schedule in order to be eligible for any refunds.** (Note: you (the student) must drop classes online via web registration or in person at the Enrollment Services office)
If your balance has changed due to changes (including waitlisted classes) in your class schedule or financial aid, the payment plan balance will be adjusted, however it may be delayed. You should review your agreement balance online through your MyPaymentPlan.com account. You may also call Nelnet Business Solutions at 1-800-609-8056 to check your balance. If you need your balance adjusted please e-mail cashiering@bellevuecollege.edu at least 3 days prior to the payment date.

Information on Returned Payments:

Should an automatic bank payment or credit card payment fail for lack of available funds, Nelnet Business Solutions will charge your account a $30 returned payment fee. Nelnet Business Solutions will notify you of the returned payment by e-mail or mail. Missed payments will automatically be re-attempted on the 20th and 5th day of the month following the missed payment.
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Last Updated October 13, 2017