Academic Credit for Military Training and Coursework

Bellevue College Awarding Academic Credit for Military Training and Coursework

Bellevue College is committed to ensuring you take only those classes needed to complete your degree or certificate program. Credit for training and coursework completed during your military service may apply towards your degree or certificate, and/or meet prerequisite requirements. Bellevue College uses the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) to evaluate military training and educational records. Credit is awarded through Direct Transfer of completed course work, and for Non-Traditional Learning, which includes Credit by Testing, Prior Experiential Learning, Extra-Institutional Learning, and Course Challenge. To learn more about awarding credit for non-traditional learning go to:

Please note the following conditions and information:

  • Admission to the college and submission of your official military transcript, other college transcripts, and your DD214 to the Veterans Benefits Office is required before an evaluation can begin.
  • We may take up to two weeks to evaluate your military training and coursework after your admission to the college or submission of your official documentation, whichever occurs last.
  • You must earn one-third of the credits needed for your degree or certificate from Bellevue College. This may limit the number of credits we count from your military training and coursework.
  • Credits awarded for Non-Traditional Learning cannot exceed 25% of the total number of credits needed for your degree or certificate.
  • If we award credits from your military training and coursework, we do not guarantee that another college or university will accept those same credits if you transfer.
  • We award credits based on the specific degree or certificate program you are working on. Awarded credits must meet the standards, course objectives and learning outcomes of similar courses offered at the college.
  • Awarded credits are subject to review by faculty.

The following links provide additional information about the rules and standards around awarding credit for military training and coursework:


Last Updated December 4, 2017