Who Qualifies

You may be eligible for the BFET program if:

    • You are interested in one of the professional/technical training programs at the college which will help you reach your employment goals. Students pursuing general transfer degrees are ineligible.
    • You are committed to working immediately following the completion of your training program. Because this is an employment program, you must have clear employment goals.
    • You have lived in Washington state for the past 12 months and/or qualify for resident tuition rates.
    • You must NOT be receiving TANF from DSHS.
    • You are receiving federal Basic Food Assistance (food stamps) from DSHS. If you meet the income qualifications below but are not receiving food stamps, we can advise you on how to apply.
    • You must be within the following gross income guidelines:

Monthly Gross Family Income (2018)

Family SizeMonthly Gross Family IncomeAnnual Gross Family Income
For each additional family member, add $720 monthly, or $8,640 annually.


Last Updated January 29, 2018