Who Qualifies

To be considered for eligibility for the Opportunity Grant you must:

    • Have been a Washington State resident for the past year (residency status “1” on BC Admissions screen)
    • Do not already have a Bachelor’s degree
    • Enroll or already be enrolled in one of the Opportunity Grant approved professional/ technical programs
    • You must be within the following gross income guidelines:

Monthly Gross Family Income (2018)

Family SizeMonthly Gross Family IncomeAnnual Gross Family Income
For each additional family member, add $720 monthly, or $8,640 annually.

For more information on how our funding model works, see our 2015 – 2016 Opportunity Grant Funding Model Pamphlet (PDF)  **This page will be updated soon with the 2017 – 2018 version of the pamphlet.**


Last Updated April 10, 2018