Workforce Education Book Account Instructions

These instructions apply to book accounts approved by BFET, WorkFirst, and Opportunity Grant.

COVID-19 AND REMOTE OPERATIONS UPDATE: The book account instructions on this page are the “normal” procedures when staff are working on-campus. During remote operations due to COVID-19, students can order their required textbooks online from the BC Bookstore website, and BFET Participant Reimbursement forms may be signed and submitted via email. Please contact the Workforce Education office with any questions about changes to book account procedures during remote operations.

General Information about Book Accounts

  • Book accounts are to be used to pay for required books, and in certain cases, required access codes.
  • No optional or recommended books are allowed.  Required supplies (e.g. lab coat, goggles) are allowed only when students can provide documentation that they’re required, such as a syllabus or an email from an instructor.
  • Examples of disallowed supplies include: calculators, backpacks, pens, notebooks, dictionaries, clothing items, scantrons, laptop rentals, or recommended computer software. If you’re in doubt about an item, talk to your advisor before you purchase it.
  • All book account transactions are reviewed.  Students who purchase disallowed items will be held responsible for returning them or providing payment.
  • Book accounts typically open five business days before the quarter begins.
  • If you receive enough money from financial aid grants to cover the cost of your textbooks, you most likely will not qualify for a Workforce Education book account.

Before you go to the bookstore:

  • Check your Bellevue College email for notification that your book account has been set up.  If you don’t have an approval email, most likely your account is not set up yet.
  • For BFET book accounts: after you receive your notification email, you must stop by the Workforce Education front desk to sign a Participant Reimbursement form before your account is activated.  This is a DSHS requirement.
  • Print a copy of your schedule and bring a valid photo ID with you to the bookstore.

At the bookstore:

  • Get your books at the book counter and then get in the cashier line.
  • Inform the cashier that you have a Workforce Education book account.
  • Be prepared to show your photo ID and give your student ID number.  The cashier will charge the account and will give you a receipt. KEEP THIS RECEIPT!!!

Additional books, exchanges, or returns:

  • Follow bookstore policies. The cashier will give you a receipt for all transactions.
  • If you cannot purchase all the required books at one time, or if you need to return or exchange a book, you can simply return to the bookstore and repeat the above process.

If there is not an active book account for you:

This could mean several things:

  • You are not eligible for book funds because you have been awarded sufficient financial aid grants;
  • You have exceeded the $1,000 limit (applies to Opportunity Grant only);
  • You have not finished the financial aid application process (have not turned in requested documents to the Financial Aid office);
  • You have not turned in a Quarterly Enrollment Form to Workforce Education;
  • You were not yet registered for classes when accounts were set up.

Contact the Workforce Education office at or 425-564-4054 if you have any questions.

Last Updated February 11, 2021