Frequently Asked Questions

Are Worker Retraining and the Dislocated Worker Program the same?

No. The Worker Retraining Program is a state funded program and the Dislocated Worker Program is a federal program. The eligibility criteria and application process is different.

How do I get more information about each program?

Attend a Workforce Education Info Session. These are held every TUESDAY at BC. No registration is required Рjust show up! Building and rooms change quarterly. Check the current Info Session location on the Workshop tab or call 425-564-4054 for location.

What programs does Worker Retraining fund?

State funded, credit programs or classes that lead towards improved employment opportunities. List of Eligible Programs.

How do I apply?

The first step is to attend one of Workforce Education’s weekly Info Sessions. Application packets are given at the session. Call 425-564-4054 for new dates and location or check the website for current Info Session location; or pick-up a flyer in B131. Maps and directions to BC.

Is there a deadline to apply for Worker Retraining?

No. But to get the most out of this opportunity, please come to the Info Session even if you are not sure if you want to attend. College classes can fill up and there are deadlines to be aware of if you are receiving unemployment.

Do I have to apply for financial aid?

Yes – even if you have a college degree. We have all our students apply so we can see if they might qualify for other grant programs as well.

Last Updated November 2, 2018