Information for Students Receiving Unemployment

When you are receiving Unemployment insurance benefits (UI), Employment Security (ES) is paying you while you do a job search. If you need to upgrade your skills or to change occupation, ES needs to approve your program for you to continue to receive your benefits. This is done through the CAT/TB application (see definition below). Worker Retraining provides a CAT/TB Advisor and a weekly CAT/TB Workshop to assist you through this process.

What is CAT/TB?

  • CAT – The Commissioner Approved Training application is a request to Employment Security to allow you to attend school full time and collect your unemployment insurance. If approved for CAT, you will be allowed to stop your job search while attending school.
  • TB – An application for Training Benefits is a potential extension of unemployment benefits while attending full-time school (note: As of April 5, 2009, TB applications must be received by ES within 90 days from the start date for your UI claim).

Is CAT required?

  • Submitting an application is mandatory if you are receiving UI benefits and are attending or planning on attending school even if attendance is part-time and the courses(s) are online or in the evenings.

How do I apply?

  • Come to our CAT/TB Workshop offered every Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm in B255.
  • Once you have attended the workshop, you can schedule an appointment with your Workforce advisor to review and submit CAT/TB application.

Where can I find the Eligible Training Provider List?

Information is available at

What is a Progress Report?

If approved for CAT, Employment Security will ask for progress reports approximately every 6 weeks to see how you are doing in school.

What do I do with my Progress Reports?

Ask one of your instructors to sign it, verifying attendance and satisfactory progress. Make a copy for your files, and fax and/or mail it to the address specified on the progress report before the deadline. If in-between quarters, come to the Workforce Education office in B131. We will check your grades and sign the form. You will then copy, fax and mail as above.

Does CAT/TB pay my tuition?

No. CAT is only approval to go to school and to suspend your job search. TB is only an extension of UI benefits. Tuition is paid through other sources such as Worker Retraining, Financial Aid, WIA, Scholarships, etc., depending upon eligibility.

Last Updated November 2, 2018