General Admissions to Bellevue College Process

Step One: Apply to us

Complete the Admission Process, there are 3 components to doing this activity and 1 for confirming submission.

  • Set up your account
  • Fill out the application
  • Click Submit button, located at bottom of screen.  When done correctly, a confirm submission is given with confirmation message (This site says… Your application has been sent to the following college:).  You may also log into your account and view the last screen, where the Application Status will state Pending if it is still being processed or Accepted/Declined if a decision has been made.

After the college processes your Admission application, we send you a Welcome email.  It provides you with your Student ID number at the bottom of the email.

Step Two: Paying for College

The cost of classes is known as tuition, and there are different ways to pay or if you need assistance there are different resources available.

Step Three: Create your Bellevue College Account

Set up your Net ID account and BC Email. You must do this to access online processes, and all students must use their BC Email. The college creates your BC Email shortly after processing your admission application. After we send you the Welcome letter email, we communicate with you using BC email only.

Step Four: Placing into Classes

Obtaining your English and Math Placement is necessary to register for English or math classes.

If you took English and math classes at another school, you can also submit an unofficial transcript to the Placement and Testing Services Office to document that you meet prerequisite requirements for the classes you wish to take. Visit the Placement and Testing Services Office for information.

Step Five: Reduce Classes Needed If Possible

If you previously attended another college, transfer your previous college credits to Bellevue College. Do this after registering for your first quarter classes. Note: Veterans must submit their transcripts immediately after the college processes their admission application. Contact the Veterans Services Office for information.

Step Six: New Student Orientation

Complete either a campus new student orientation or an online orientation.

Step Seven: Enroll in Classes

Register for Classes

  • The college places a $55 admission/placement fee on your account at the time we process your application. You pay this fee at the time you pay your first quarter tuition. Once paid, the fee is non-refundable.
  • If you do not register for classes, you do not pay the fee.

Step Eight: Meet an Advisor

Attend an Advising Session and meet with your Academic Advisor.

Last Updated June 11, 2018