Outdoor Trip Planning Education

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Interested in going on your own outdoor adventures though do not know where to start? Follow these pre-trip-planning steps and be more prepared in no time!

Step 1 – Before You Go

  • Determine your goals and objectives? What, why, and with Who?
  • Take the time to research and plan.  Download the FREEDOM Journal
  • Learn about and respect  the rules and regulations of Public Lands and Wilderness Areas. Leave No Trace
  • Back country travel requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge. PE 115 and PE 116 give you the tools and knowledge to get started hiking rain , shine or snow!

Step 2 – Research Your Trip

  • Make sure to check the weather before you leave!
  • Plan ahead by checking trail conditions with current trip reports! Always have a Plan B, C and D.  Washington Trail Association
  • Leave your trip plan with someone at home…just in case.

Step 3 – Pack for Success

  • No need for a large shopping trip, many of these items can be found at thrifts store, around your own home or borrowed from friends and family.  We also rent gear: backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, snowshoes and bear canisters.
  • Plan out with all of your items in plain view, then decide what you REALLY need.  If you don’t think your going to use leave it at home.
  • Read more about steps for getting you packed up and adjusted.

Last Updated January 27, 2021